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Is the prison break star Micheal Scoffield going to die?

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Unlikely, but anything is possible.

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Is Prison Break going to have a fourth season?

yes prison break is going to have 4th season IT'S THE BEST MOVIE EVER!

How many times did Micheal scofiled go to prison in prison break?

Twice. 1st time - Fox River, To break Lincoln out. 2nd time - Sona, Went in so Sara didn't there for murder "Final Break" - Sara went to prison for murdering Michaels mother. that bloody woman isn't that hot handsome guy! she left them! she was going to kill his brother for scylla

What are the ratings and certificates for Prison Break - 2005 Going Under 4-15?

Prison Break - 2005 Going Under 4-15 is rated/received certificates of: Netherlands:12

Is there going to be prison break season5?

no but there is a 2 hour DVD realese called the final break that ends the show

Is prison break going to be on channel 5?

If you miss any of the episodes from Prison Break you can check them out here for free online: http://www.flicksrealm.com/viewforum.php?f=5 Enjoy!

Where is prison break season 5 filmed?

There is not going to be a season 5. They're ending at season 4. I know...it sucks. Made me really mad.It is really mad that there won't be Prison Break Season 5. But why? why...............................?

When was You Are Going to Prison created?

You Are Going to Prison was created in 1994.

Prison break video game?

Rumor has it that the game was not completed and then abandonned as the show was going off the air after season 4.

What happen to Michael in prison break?

His tumour comes back and he sacrifices himself for Sara knowing he was going to die anyway.

Does sara go to prison in prison break?

yeah in the last episode. The FBI said that she killed Michael's mother but the FBI did not know that she only save Michael because her mother is going to kill him

Why on gta3 are you in prison?

no, but you start by escaping going to prison.

Is Paris and prince Micheal mother going to care for them?

Their grandmother is going to care for them.

Is series 4 going to be the last series of prison break?

Yes. Season Four is the last season of Prison Break, but there is a movie length episode that follows it which goes into the finale in further detail and wraps up the whole 4 seasons. It's very emotionally attaching!

Is there going to be Prison Break Season 5?

Fox Broadcasting has not renewed Prison Break for a 5th season. The action drama will wrap up when it returns to the air for its final 6 episodes. Although there is no season 5 of Prison Break, the series returns to the screens in the US on Friday, April 17th (2009) to complete the last episodes of season 4. So far only 16 episodes have aired. The final episode will complete the 22 episodes initially ordered by FOX. Supposedly, Prison Break will still air the following Tuesday in the UK.

What is a breaker?

A person or thing that is going to break A person or thing that is going to break

What is the future tense of break?

break, "He will Break that if he keeps going."

When does Micheal Vick get out of prison?

I think he is already out of prison.He got out on May 20,2009.But he will be in home confinement for about a month in virginia.HE WILL NOT BE GOING BACK TO THE ATLANTA FALCONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you are asking when I submitted this answer,I submitted it on May 22, 2009.Just in case you wanted to know.

Can you join the army instead of going to prison?

No, that option doesn't exist. If you get sentenced to serve a prison sentence, then that's exactly where you're going.

Is Micheal buckley going to do an 8th book?

yes i think its called the insider

At the point of Aziz going to prison how would one describe the relationship between Mr Fielding and Dr Aziz after Fielding accompanied Aziz to the prison?

At the point of Aziz going to prison he had the best relationship with Mr fielding that was shown by him accompanying Aziz to the prison.

Is there going ot be a transformers number 4?

No because Micheal Bay and Shia LaBeouf wasn't going to do any more.

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