Is the psp screen scratch resistant?

Updated: 10/26/2022
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No. It scraches really easily. Get a PSP Traveler case for a crisp clear screen so it won't get scratches.

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Q: Is the psp screen scratch resistant?
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How scratch-resistant is the screen on a Droid?

The screen is very scratch resistant. It would actually have to take a pretty hard knock to scratch it.

How scratch resistant is the LCD Screen on the Game Boy Advance?

It is very scratch resistant unless dropped or purposefully damaged.

Which brand makes the most scratch resistant screen protectors?

The brand that makes the most scratch resistant screen protectors is Gorilla Glass. They also make screen protectors that use anti-glare technology and have good reviews.

What size is the scratch-resistant Reality Display screen on the Xperia go?

3.5 inches

Are any screen protectors better than others?

A screen protector will help keep your PSP screen clean and scratch-free. It is best to buy a screen protector that is custom made for a PSP. Try to avoid "universal" screen protectors which you will need to cut to fit the screen of your PSP. Rocketfish makes an excellent PSP screen protector which can be found at Best Buy. The protector is pre-cut to ensure a perfect fit.

Is a dsi better than a PSP?

A dsi is not better than a PSP because psp's have a bigger screen, and much better graphics for gaming. They also have an analog stick and harder to lose games. They have Skype and PlayStation store as well, and Dsi's don't. With PSP's you can de-scratch the screen with displex, and with DSi you can't. PSP'S ARE BETTER IN EVERY WAY!

Are the Coach Molly S470 sunglasses scratch resistant?

No they don't come with scratch resistant lenses.

Is acrylic scratch resistant?


Can you replace a screen on a hacked psp slim with another psp slim screen?

Hacking the PSP only changes the firmware. You can freely replace the screen, with a screen from the same model of PSP.

Is the Pottery Barn Kirkwood Dining Table scratch resistant?

The table is not scratch resistant but does give you instructions on care and cleaning for you.

Does the PSP go have a touch screen?

no the psp go does not have a touch screen

Is brass scratch resistant?