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Q: Is the puritans treatment of the native Americans fair?
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Was the US treatment of native Americans fair?

technically, carmel apples

Name the colony considered a holy experiment that believed in equality for all and fair treatment for Native Americans?


What were Sam Houston's interests?

Sam Houston had a wide range of interests. He was interested in politics and served as the first and third President of the Republic of Texas. He also had a passion for military service and served in the War of 1812 and the Texas Revolution. Additionally, he was interested in Native American culture and advocated for the rights and fair treatment of Native Americans.

How did William Penn put his Quaker faith into action in Pennsylvania?

He insisted on fair and just treatment in all treaties and agreements made with the native Americans.

Describe the removal of the native Americans?

completely fair

Did roger Williams think the puritan should do?

Roger Williams believed that the Puritans should separate the church from the state to ensure religious freedom. He also advocated for fair treatment of Native Americans and believed in the importance of respecting their land rights. Williams emphasized the need for tolerance and acceptance of diverse beliefs within the community.

Were ancient native American's ever fair in complexion?

It is unlikely that Native Americans had a fair complexion. Most came from the west over the land bridge from Asia.

How do you think the English colonists viewed the misfortune suffered by the Native Americans in the years after colonization?

I'm pretty sure they didn't like it so much due to the fact that a rather fair quantity of people in the new england colonies were against slavery so they probably had the same opinion about the treatment of the native americans.

Do whites now regard their treatment of African Americans as unfair?

just because , it snot fair

Why did the United states government not properly pay the Native Americans for the land it took?

Nobody in the USA ever offers a fair price for land. The land owner should hold on to the land until a fair price is offered. OH, the Native Americans didn't have that power.

What did the French and the Iroquois trade and was it fair?

They had a fur trade and it seems to have been fair. The French became part of Native American tribes and married Native American women. Unlike the English the French were more apt to accept the Native Americans with respect.

What statement best defines civil rights movement?

The fight for fair treatment for all Americans regardless of race.