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The quality of the digital camera will give you much better quality compared to a disposable camera.

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Quality of photos from a digital camera will depend directly on the quality of the camera. The pixels from each camera will determine the quality. Again, I look this question up online but did not find a good answer for this question.

Generally speaking, film has a much better resolution than digital cameras. In fact, if you were to compare good 35mm color film to the "megapixel" rating of digital cameras, film would rate in the area of 24 megapixels. The problem is not with the resolution of the storage media (digital vs. film), but rather the abilities of the cameras themselves. A disposable camera is going to have a disposable lens in it. Lenses have a very big impact on the quality of your photos. So, in short, the disposable camera might have a better resolution, but the digital camera will likely have sharper pictures. The operative word here is disposable. Most of the 'disposables' on the market would be better if they were disposed of before taking pictures.

A good quality but cheap digital camera would be the the Nikon Coolpix S6300. This camera is listed a budget camera on CNET and has been given a rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Lowepro Ridge 30 is a company that offers quality bags for digital cameras. They offer many styles and sizes depending on the size of your digital camera.

If you are looking to use a camera for one time only, then it is a good idea to buy a disposable camera. You can buy a disposable camera at Wal-Mart or K-Mart.

Most people store it in a safe dry place. There are cases made for storing digital cameras. High heat and high humidity areas are not a good idea also for storing your camera.

One of the better cameras for under water is the Kodak. It has good outside of water Quality and has a great zoom.

A good camera for a child is probably a disposable camera. There are also waterproof disposable cameras that may also appeal to children. Disposable cameras are a good choice because they can be easily replaced until the child has demonstrated that he or she can handle a more expensive camera.

Any video camera made by Sony (Sony NXCAM) or Canon (XF300) should be a good quality camera that a professional photographer can use for digital video needs.

You will see a difference beteween a regular and HD digital video camera. HD offers sharper imaging quality and you will see a difference in picture quality even if you don't play it on an HD TV.

It depends upon the Megapixels in your mobile phone camera. If you want good quality photos, it is better to buy a digital camera, since pictures taken with a digital camera have more clarity, and color depth. Also features such as flash, and image stabilization work much better in a digital camera.

The Sony Alpha NEX-F3 is a renowned digital camera notable for its video quality and auto focus system. It is a very good camera wich is aimed at most customers, with a cheap price tag of $600.

I am not sure if you are asking about a digital camera or a old style camera. If you want a good older camera that would be a Cannon as you can set the shutter speed on it. If you are talking about a digital camera then you should hold the shutter button down longer.

The cost - a good digital camera is fairly expensive.

Yes it is really good digital camera. I have it and can say that it has wonderful options and great photo quality and i think that its price is too affordable

If you are heading on vacation with your family, make sure that you add a digital camera to your list of items to bring along. If necessary, it is usually worth the investment to purchase a digital camera before you head off on vacation if you do not already have one.Why You Need a Digital Camera For Your VacationOne of the greatest parts of going on vacation with your family is the fact that you have the opportunity to make memories with the people that you love the most. Although these memories will last you for a lifetime, it is a good idea to have pictures that will always remind you of the wonderful day that you spent with your family.Why You Should Purchase a Digital Camera Instead of a Disposable OneMany people purchase disposable cameras for their vacation instead of springing for a new digital camera, but digital cameras are far superior to disposable cameras for a variety of reasons. First of all, digital cameras take a far better picture than most disposable cameras. You can also preview the pictures that you take on your digital camera before having them developed, so you can determine if you need to take another shot. Nothing is more disheartening than realizing that your favorite picture was ruined by a wayward thumb or by a head that didn't quite make it into the picture, but you do not have to worry about these issues if you use a digital camera instead of a disposable one.It is also actually cheaper to print photographs from digital cameras than to have film developed, and you can share your pictures online with friends and family without having to pay anything at all. You can often get great deals on digital cameras if you shop online, so there is no reason to weigh yourself down on your vacation with a disposable camera.What To Look For When Purchasing Digital CamerasIf you do not take a lot of pictures, there is no reason to spring for the most expensive digital camera that you can find. Instead, look for a small model that has a good picture quality if you want the best possible results without spending a lot of money.

The Sony Cybershot is the best one I think. It's big and has good quality that a camera should have. It also has a view finder which is good as well.There.

The price of Vivitar digital camera depends on the functions it offers. One of the most important factors that determine the price of a digital camera is the megapixels it consists of. The lowest price for a Vivitar camera can be $4.99. However this price corresponds to a value for money product as the camera that costs that price will not be of high quality. You can generally find a good Vivitar digital camera at the price range of $30-$60.

The main difference between a digital camera and a regular camera is that a digital camera does not need film in order to work. The Canon A430 is inexpensive and a good starter digital camera. It's priced around $170 but will last you a long time.

Local camera stores should be a good source of a high quality camera stand/tripod but places that deal with digital cameras may be able to help you as well.

A Polaroid camera takes a picture and instantly prints it directly from the camera. Some people prefer this instantaneous physical photo, although the quality isn't as good as with a digital camera. A digital camera captures the image onto a tiny memory card, and also shows the picture on a video screen so one can decide whether to save or delete it. Digital cameras produce higher quality photos and have many more capabilities in terms of zoom and taking different types of photos.

Yes it definitely is a good camera.

If you are purchasing a new camera for home movies, I would suggest getting a digital camera like Nikon that can record video because digital video cameras are very expensive. That would be the cheaper route to go.

There is no definitive answer as to which brand has the best digital camera as they have differing advantages and disadvantages as none of the products are completely perfect. Instead, some of the good brands that generally offer quality digital cameras include: Nikon, Olympus and Canon.

it helped by having a new kind of camera to use. the more different kinds the more the better variety and quality and now we have good quality digital cameras

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