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No, although some may look at the RB4081 as a unisex style, they are a female style of Ray-Ban.

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Where are Ray Ban 5206 made?

They are manufactured by Ray-Ban in China.

What is the population of Ray-Ban?

Ray-Ban's population is 2,012.

When was Ray-Ban created?

Ray-Ban was created in 1937.

Can you put your regular clear prescription lenses in ray ban sunglasses?

can, but not original lens from ray ban .... ray ban have not do prescription lenses ...

What is the ray-ban model that obama wears?

Ray ban 3217 -San

Ray Ban is a brand name for what object?

Ray Ban is the name of a brand of wildly popular sunglasses. In some circles Ray Ban defines cool. A sunglass wearer cannot go wrong when choosing a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses.

Who founded ray-ban?

hey van do

What is the difference between the Ray Ban P and the Ray Ban LA?

ray ban p? did u mean philippines, sometimes not real real us real and not real

Where to buy ray ban sunglasses?

A great place to look for Ray Ban sunglasses is on line. You can find a great selection including Ray Ban aviators, wayfarer sunglasses and Ray Ban caravan. It just takes a bit of searching for the right price to suit you.

What is ray ban L0207?

L0207 is a Ray-Ban colour code and is a Gold frame with Crystal Gray lenses. It's a colour code that refers to Ray-Ban model RB3044.

Where did Robert Pattinson get his shades from?

the infamous glasses he wears are Ray-ban Wayfarer's. : ) you can get them from the ray-ban site.

What is the ticker symbol for Ray Ban?

Ray Ban is a subsidiary of Luxottica Group, whose ticker is LUX

Why bausch and lomb sunglasses are named ray ban and what does ray and ban stands for?

bausch and lomb sunglasses are named ray ban because they are meant to "ban" the sun's "rays" from impairing one's vision. They were originally manufactured for pilots in 1936.

What stores carry Ray Ban?

Some online stores which carry Ray Ban include and

Why is the ray-ban website so uninformative?

Because its Luxottica.....Ray Ban closed its Doors in 1998...

Are Ray-Ban Wayfarers still in style?

Yes, Ray-Ban Wayfarers are still in style. They are one of Ray-Ban's traditional models.

How do you Buy Original Ray-Ban?

You go to authorized store and buy the original Ray-Ban... If you decide to buy them from someone use this tips...

Does all Ray - ban sunglasses have UV protection?

Yes, all Ray Ban Sunglasses have UV Protection. Look for CE mark on Ray Ban Sunglasses which indicates 100% UV protection.

What model of Ray-Ban sunglasses does Mark Wahlberg wear in the movie The Big Hit?

Ray Ban Orbs....

What does the RB stand for on your ray bans?

Um - that would be Ray Ban!

What is Ray-Ban's population?

The population of Ray-Ban is 55,000.

What brand model sunglasses does hank moody wear?

ray-ban mighstreet rb 3301 ray-ban mighstreet rb 3301

What is the best brand of sunglasses?

ray ban

What brand are slash's sunglasses?


Which country established ray ban sunglasses?

Ray-Ban was initially invented in America in 1937. The first Ray Ban sunglasses were created for the U.S Army Air Cop. In 1999, The owner sold the brand to Italian eyewear company Luxottica for $640 million. Now, almost all ray-ban sunglasses are produced in Italy now.