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Q: Is the red cross a social group?
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Is red cross a interest group?

No, Red Cross is not an interest group.

Is the international red cross a formal or informal group?

it is an informal group

What are facts about a social worker?

40% of the American red cross training team are social workers.

Who do red cross help?

Red cross is a humanitarian, international organization that helps people in the health related field. War victims, natural disaster victims are a two group example, who are helped by the Red Cross.

What is the name of the group Mao used to enforce the cultural Revolution?

the red cross or the red guards

Why did Clara Barton establish the red cross?

Clara barton made the red cross because she had always liked helping people and wanted to make a group of it

Is the American Red Cross a part of the US Government or a health group?

No, the American Red Cross is not part of the US government.No, the Red Cross isn't a Government Health Group. It is a non profit organization to provide relief to victims of disaster and help people prevent, prepare for, and respond to emergencies.

What was the name of the group of men who were supposed to send food and clothing to Washington and his troops?

Red cross

What is Junior Red Cross?

Junior red cross means a group of children, who has a helping mentality . To help ill persons and poor personsect.........................

What a the puroses of the red cross?

The red cross/crescent is a neutral group that gives aide to people in need, such as haiti, and wars. Often they are used when hostages are released, they are released to the red cross. they also give medicinal care and fundraising. They also raise awareness for various causes

What group was created to increase support for the war among the American people?

The red cross

need help with housising in detroit for the homeless?

You can contact your local Red Cross for shelter and/or social services.

How to join the red cross?

Contact the Red Cross in your area to join the Red Cross.

What are two ways in which a group can either reward or punish its members?

state 2 reasons why this group was formed The Dominican Red Cross in Caribbean Dominica

What has the author Karl De Schweinitz written?

Karl De Schweinitz has written: 'This side the trenches' -- subject(s): Red cross, Red cross. United States. American national Red cross 'England's road to social security' -- subject(s): Social security, Charities, Public welfare 'Growing up' -- subject(s): Sex instruction, Reproduction, Sex Education, Popular Works

The symbol of the red cross organization is a cross colorded in which color?

red, that's why its called the red cross

What are the initials of red cross?

American Red Cross initials are ARC and International Red Cross is ICRC.

Where can I be trained on an automated external defibrillator?

The Red Cross offers this training. Check with your local group for dates and times.

What is the red bow with the white cross?

Red Cross

Is red cross religious?

No, the Red Cross is not religious.

Did Clara Barton begin the red cross?

She began the AMERICAN RED CROSS. she got influenced by the INTERNATIONAL RED CROSS. :)

How did the red cross get its name?

red cross got it's name from a swiss flag. the cross was red and the background was white.

What has the author Paul Underwood Kellogg written?

Paul Underwood Kellogg has written: 'Seven weeks in Italy' -- subject(s): Hospitals, charities, Red Cross, Red Cross. U.S. American National Red Cross, World War, 1914-1918 'The Pittsburgh survey' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Social conditions, Labor and laboring classes, Social surveys 'The Patriotic Fund of Canada' -- subject(s): Canadian Patriotic Fund

What country's flag has white background wth red cross?

That is the flag of the Red Cross, not of a country. The flag of Switzerland has a red background with a white cross. The flag of Tonga has a red cross on a white field, the corner of a red flag.

Who invented American Red Cross?

Clara Barton started the first American Red Cross after being in Switzerland and becoming active in the International Red Cross, which inspired her to create the American Red Cross.