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Revolvers have a CYLINDER that spins. And yes, single or double shot pistols, and automatic pistols do not have a cylinder- so there is nothing to spin, rotate or revolve.

There were a couple of two or more shot pistols that were developed before the development of the revolver that twisted or spun barrels to fire multiple shots. More often than not, firing a single shot from most of these would fire all barrels, and more often than not would cause the weapon to explode, injuring or killing the shooter.
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Q: Is the revolver the only one to spin its chamber?
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One of the more ghoulish games played in the old Russian military was for a group of soldiers to put one bullet in the chamber of a revolver. Each would spin it randomly, point it at their head and pull the trigger. You had a one-in-six chance of killing yourself. Because spinning the revolver chamber was a bit like spinning a roulette wheel, where it stopped randomly and could destroy a player (financially, at least), this game became known as Russian roulette.

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