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Q: Is the rock returning to WWE?
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When is the rock going to retern to WWE?

he isn't returning to the wwe

What is the date of returning of WWE superstar the rock?

The Rock may never return

When will the Rock Come Back to the WWE?

There has been no mention of Rge Rock ( Dwayne Johnson ) returning to the WWE anytime soon.

Is rock returning to WWE?

no because he needs time with his family

Is the rock going to stay at WWE?

No he is not returning full time

Is Jeff hardy or the rock returning to wwe ever again?


Is rock returning in WWE?

Yes, he has returned to active competition in WWE Survivor Series 2011

When is the rock returning to WWE 2010?

in September i work for the wwe=) i do the screen at the judgmentday ring. June 2010 you are liar you do not work for WWE and you do not do tron at judgment day!! No The Rock is not returning to the WWE to wrestle, he was hoping to quest host at one point but his schedule so far has not allowed it.

When is the rocks next appearance in the WWE?

the rock is not returning because he is in the wwe hall of fame but he might you never know

Why THE ROCK is not returning to WWE?

Dawyne "The Rock" Johnson is still with WWE. Instead of as a wrestler, he acts. Most of his films are partially affiliated with the WWE. He officilly retired from wrestling sometime in 2003-2004.

Is WWE heat or WWE velocity returning is so when?

It is not returning. They have replaced it with WWE Online.

Will the rock return to WWE in 2010?

The Rock shall be returning this summer. He will be a guest host but will keep returning. That is what they have planned, it may change NOTE: The Rock does not want to return to the ring, he will be there only to do promos

Which superstar is returning to WWE?

eage returning to the wwe. also some of ecw superstarz are coming to wwe.

When is WWE diva kelly kelly returning to WWE?

She has no plans of returning at this time.

Is Kelly Kelly returning to WWE?

It is unknown if Kelly Kelly will be returning to WWE.

When is cm punk Phil brooks returning to WWE?

He isn't returning to the WWE

Are Maryse Ouellet and Kelly Kelly returning to WWE?

It is unknown if either of them will be returning to WWE.

Is the apa returning to WWE?

No. They will not return to wwe

Will ivory return to WWE?

No, Ivory is not returning to the WWE. She retired in 2005 and has no plans on returning to wrestling.

What WWE superstars coming back in 2012?

Jeff Hardy is not coming back to WWE!!! Rey is and Rock is just doing a few matches he is not returning full time.

Is RVD returning?

yes rvd will returning to the wwe but not now

Is Ashley returning to the WWE in 2010?

She isn't returning to wrestling

Is Ashley Massaro returning to the WWE in 2011?

It is unlikely that she will be returning.

When will khali returning to WWE?

He did.

Is Mickie James returning to the WWE and if she is when?

It is a possibility. She is currently signed with TNA, but there is a real possibility of her returning to WWE in the future.