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The round and round quest is no longer on wizard

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โˆ™ 2012-04-22 22:00:46
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Q: Is the round and round quest still on wizard101?
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What is the last quest before you get to marleybone in wizard101?

The kraken quest

How can you quit a quest on wizard101?

It's impossible to quit a quest in wizard101. However, if you have the yellow arrow up, and it's bothering you, simply pull up the menu for the quests, and select a different quest.

What quest do you have to do before ice blade quest in wizard101?

u get ice wavern

How do you get a minion on wizard101?

you can get them as a reward in a quest or buy them.

What happens when you decline a quest on wizard101?

you get raped

Who do you get the big ben quest from in wizard101?

it is the final quest for the world, you have to get boths sides done then you go get the quest for big ben

How do you get to nightshade on wizard101?

You get to Nighside from a quest at level 10.

How do you get blood brothers quest for wintertusk wizard101?

you first have to get to lvl 20

What is a good quest for wizard101 non-member?

The scarecrow quest u get lots of gold and XP

Where do you buy a pet helephant on wizard101?

from the fire dragon QUEST.

How do you get into Skull Fort in wizard101?

just get the quest for it but get help if to hard

Where do you get the triten pet in wizard101?

There is no pet Triton in Wizard101 Update: There is now a Triton pet in the game. You must me a Storm wizard and complete the Hearts in Atlantis quest, which is a level 78 school quest.

How do you get lordnightshade on wizard101?

to get to the nightshade you have to finish all quest in the three streets

Where do you get the hydra pet in wizard101?

you have to complete the lvl 48 balance quest

How do you get in lord nightshade's tower in wizard101?

You either have to get the quest, or go in with a friend.

Guide to the Krok Watcher quest on Wizard101?

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Were do you get the hydra pet in wizard101?

You Have To Finish The Level 48 Balance Quest

What good games could you play?

Wizard101 Minecraft Monkey quest

How do you beat wizard101 when you are on level 50?

I beat Wizard101(Wizard City - DragonSpyre) at level 49. What you must do is find your main quest the only main quest I remember is Final Countdown the final quest in DragonSpyre. Malistare is possible with 2 people but i strongly recommend 4 or else as i did will take about 2 hours to beat Malistare. Hope it helps ~Nick G. (ranger hewki on wizard101)

How do you delete a quest in wizard101?

Um there is no way you can but if you want cheats to it search it on google

What games are like wizard101?

Runescape, Freerealms, WOW, Adventure Quest, ect...

How do you get into pet pavillion on wizard101?

when you are a level 7, you can go to headmaster and he will give you a quest.

What do you do after kraken wizard101?

You go to the man in Triton that gave you that quest. He'll lead you from there.

Where to go to get high heel boots in wizard101?

I think you get them from Marly Bone from a quest. hope this helps.

How do you unlock nidavellir in wizard101?

To get into Nidavellir, you must be at least level 40 and have completed the prior quest. You will get the quest The King and I by Bjorn Ironclaws. After you complete you will get the quest for Nidavellir. Hope this helps.