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In my opinion the Samsung Seek is not better than the iPhone 4S as it doesn not offer nearly as many features as the Iphone 4s. If you have a Iphone than you are much better off as the Samsung does not ahve great reviews.

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yes samsung reality is way better then samsung seek

iPhone 5 is Better than Samsung Galaxy 3.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus is way Better than Iphone.

Samsung galaxy ace is way better than the weird and useless IPhone 4!

well in my opinion a Samsung galaxy note 2 is way more better I had the iphone 5 and trust me the Samsung galaxy is 1,000,000 better than the iphone 5

Yes. You can get more games on the IPHONE.

Some people think a iPhone 6 is better than a Samsung S5. Some people think the Sunsung S5 is better than an iPhone 6. It all really depends on the person and what they like.

SAMSUNG is more better than Iphone. Iphone uses over 40 percent of samsung stuff, including the screen, speaker and more. Samsung was also the first company to make a waterproof phone and a foldable phone.

Samsung Galaxy s4 MAY be better than iPhone 5. iPhone 5 vs. Galaxy is hard to compare, but yet they're both still good, in MY opinion.

That really depends on what you want and value in a smartphone, since it is very subjective. However, the Samsung Nexus S is slower than an iPhone 4S but a bigger resolution, but in general, the iPhone 4S seems better.

IPhone Is the winner for best internal speaker. Samsung Galaxy S5 Is the winner for fingerprint scanners. iPhone 6 has superior storage. Samsung Galaxy S5 has the best performance. IPhone 6 has the best camera and price.

, Samsung Galaxy S 3 is better phone because there are a lot of things that you can on Samsung phones than iphone and apart from this according to current market people are moving to Samsung because if it features and durability.

Samsung Galaxy What? S or S2 or The tablet. There are a millions of Galaxy kind.

I guess that is all a matter of opinion. I believe there are no better phones than the Iphone 4s, but many may disagree. Currently the Iphone is rated number 1 in smartphones.

No, the Samsung Galaxy s4 is larger than the iPhone.

The iPhone 4 is a great product. The Samsung Freeform II is also a good cell phone. However, many reviewers on PC Mag and Phone Arena agree that the iPhone 4 is a better product.

The Samsung Fascinate is an android powered phone which gives it quicker multitasking capabilities compared to the Apple iPhone. Both phones are top in their class otherwise.

Yes, because Samsung galaxy phones have everything included. You don't have to download anything.

It all depends on what you are looking for. If your looking for a simple easy to use cell phone the iPhone would be better. If you are someone that knows how smarts phones work and are use to android powered phone then samsung gem is a +.

No the solstice ii is much newer than the iphone so it's hard to say whether it is better. I would upgrade to a newer iphone version because it is easy to use and works great and economical.

No. iPhone 5 is not better than the iPhone 4S.

No the iPhone is not better than the galaxy ad the galaxy Is not better than the iPhone but the Blackberry is better than both

There aren't many differences between the Samsung Gravity and the iphone 4s. Whether it is better or not would depend on the features you desire. Both are smart phones and the Samung Gravity has a lower price tag.

The Samsung Replenish is a relatively good phone. The texting is not that great, however the battery life is amazing. The iPhone, well it depends which kind. The iPhone 4 or 4S is definitely worth it, but I'm not too sure about the others.

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