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Is the saying Beckon call or beck and call?

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  • You can be said to be at someones beck and call. Sounds like more of that old British saying.
  • The term "beck and call" used in a sentence is "Sue has her husband running at her beck and call." Beck is a short term for "Becoming" (summoning someone to you as if by order) and call means to call out or demand. In other words the person who has people coming to their "beck and call" is in control.
  • "Beckon call" is incorrect. "... at someones beck and call" is correct. Beckon is a verb, not an adjective. "Beck" is a noun. "To beckon" is like "to call" or "to summon". "Beck" is like "call" or "summon".
  • First, the fact that the word "beckon" is older than it's abbreviation "beck" is irrelevant. The correct term is "beck and call." "*Beckon call" is a mishearing of the correct term. This is born out by a simple trip to any dictionary. Fabricated stories about "servient" gestures aside, the term "beck and call" is the only correct term. That said, the first answer is also incorrect. The term "beck" does not come from a shortening of "become." Rather, as stated, it is a shortening of "beckon," from the old English "becnan." Nonetheless, its use in the idiomatic "beck and call" stems from the middle English, and was not in use prior. All of this is easily confirmed by consulting a dictionary. One might also be well-served looking up the definition of the word "apprehension" as well.

More simply stated a "beck" is a silent summoning, as in a nod or other gesture or a beacon, and a "call" is a sounded summoning, as in a shout or other type of oral command or a bugle or drum.

"Although the word 'beck' used outside of 'beck and call' is archaic and rarely heard today, it's really only a shortened form of our familiar word 'beckon,' meaning 'to make a mute signal or gesture,' especially to call a person over to you. 'Beckon,' in turn, comes from an old Germanic word meaning 'signal,' from which we also derive the modern English word 'beacon.'

"As a verb, 'beck' first appeared around 1300 A.D. ('beckon' is a bit older, first showing up around 950). The phrase 'beck and call' is much more recent, dating only to about 1875."


I use this site often and this is my first time making a comment but I reluctantly think both above answers are wrong. I cannot back up my answer with theory and history as the previous people have done nor do I have time. I always thought it is most correct to say that, for example: I will be at your "BECKONED CALL". I welcome any of you grammar guru's to judge my answer. For now I will stick with my answer but will keep an open mind until I get a better explanation. Thanks!

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Do you beckon someone or beckon to them?

You can beckon, all by itself, but you must beckon tosomeone.

What are some idioms using the word beck?

beck and call

What is antonym for beckon?

repulse or repel are antonyms for beckon.

Does evocative has the meaning of call?

No. It rather has the meaning of 'beckon', or 'signal'. (Psst... change the 'has' in the question into 'have').

What is the end of the phrase 'to be at one's beck --'?

To be at one's beck and call.

What are the release dates for Beck and Call - 2004 TV?

Beck and Call - 2004 TV was released on: USA: 2004

What does the garda signal mean to beckon on traffic approaching from the front?

to beckon traffic on

Is beckoned a verb?

Yes, it's the past tense of the verb "(to) beckon." Present: beckon Past: beckoned Future: will beckon Pres. Participle: beckoning

What does To beckon someone mean?

to summon or call upon or appear inviting; "The shop window decorations beckoned"

What is a beck?

A beck is a small stream or river, or a nod or motion of the head as a call or command.

What is The Glenn Beck Program number?

To call in to the radio program, call 1-888-727-BECK. Insiders have a special Priority Number.

What is the birth name of Kim Beckon?

Kim Beckon's birth name is Kimberly Anne Beckon.

What is a word for beck and call?

Comply or serve or respond.

What rhymes with reckon?


What is an antonym for beckon?


What is the Meaning of the word beckon?

The word "beckon" means to give some sort of signal for a person to approach another.

What are some synonyms for the word summon?

There are plenty of synonyms for the word summon such as arouse, ask, assemble, beckon, beep, bid, call back, call for, call forth, call in, call together, call upon, charge, direct, and many others.

Use beckon in a sentence?

Beckon means to summon. It would be used like thisWhy didn't you come? I beckoned you last night.

Can you give me a sentence for the word beckon?

Example sentence - The king would beckon his knights each morning for peace plans.

What is the past tense of beckon?


Is beckon a verb?

Yes, yes it is.

What is the antonym for beckon?

Repulse, repel...

How do you use beckon in a sentence?

Beckon: 1. Make a gesture with the hand, arm, or head to encourage someone to come nearer or follow. 2. Attract the attention of and summon (someone) in this way Using beckon in a sentence: "he beckoned Duncan to follow".

Write an idiom using beck?

"Beck and call" is one that comes to mind. It means similar to "waiting on someone hand and foot." It means someone expects you to be there for the least thing, any time they want. Example: "Yes we are the police, but we are here for actual emergencies, not for your every beck and call."

What is the gesture to come forward called?

It is called a beckon.