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No, most insects or arachnids are not endangered because of the simple fact that they reproduce so quickly and because there is approximately 14-17 insects or arachnids per person on the planet.

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Q: Is the scorpion endangered?
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Is a scorpion a endangered specie?

is a scorpion a endangered specie?

Are scorpion fish endangered?

if it is a scorpion i hope so

Why is the whip scorpion endangered?

I don't know if they are endangered. I saw 2 tiny baby ones running around my yard this week.

Where do scorpion fly live?

The Scorpionfly lives in North America, Mexico and Java. Their numbers are on the decline, but they are not considered, threatened or endangered, by IUCN or CITES.

Does the sea scorpion turn into the scorpion?

No, it does not turn into the scorpion.

How do you pull a 'scorpion'?

You get a scorpion and pull it's tail

What are some types of scorpions?

they are red scorpion, dark scorpion, black scorpion and Florida bark scorpion.

What is a Chactidae scorpion?

a scorpion

Is the scorpion an insect or a arachnid?

The scorpion is not an insect. but, The scorpion is an arachnid, and an arthropod.

What is the best scorpion for a pet?

its probably an emperor scorpion or a rainforest scorpion

What is the Scottish Gaelic for 'scorpion'?

Sgairp is scorpion.It's sgairp.

What does a scorpion tattoo on the shoulder with a scorpion represent?

From a scorpion to a scorpion tatoo it could represent that your tough, strong, or no fears of anything

Are scorpion endangered?

No. Scorpions are insects known for their venomous tail. If it is frightened it will sting you causing posion to come inside your blood stream. They're used to being outside.

Can you have a scorpion as a pet?

In England yes and probably the best scorpion to get is a emporer scorpion

What is blue scorpion?

A blue scorpion is a scorpion that happens to be blue. Hoped that helped!

Why Is a scorpion fish called a scorpion fish?

because they have venom like the scorpion.

What is a pit scorpion?

a scorpion in a pit

Where can you buy scorpion venom?

From a Scorpion !

What scorpion has no venom?

Whip Scorpion

Is scorpion an amphibian?

No, a scorpion is an arachnid.

Is scorpion an insect?

No, a scorpion is not considered to be an insect. A scorpion is considered to be an arachnid. This is because the scorpion has 8 legs instead of 6 legs.

What is the difference between a coin scorpion and trap scorpion bakugan?

that a coin scorpion doesn't have legs and a trap scorpion has four legs

What is the legend of how scorpion got its name?

The Scorpion is a scorpion and he was sent by a greek god to kill Orion and they both got placed in the sky. So Scorpion got its name because it was a scorpion.

What is the difference between a scorpion and millipede?

a scorpion can kill you and a millapeed cant

Can a emperor scorpion and a Arizona bark scorpion live together?

Yes, because the Arizona Bark Scorpion is the only scorpion that can be kept with others.