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Jack the Ripper really existed and killed a lot of women in London. No one knows who he was or why he killed. He really did live. Look him up at Wikipedia.com .

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Is Jack the Ripper real?

Yes, Jack the Ripper is a name given to an unidentified serial killer (or killers) active around Whitechapel, London, England in the late 19th century. However, the killer was never found and therefore the name 'Jack the Ripper' is fictional.

What is Jack the Ripper's real name?

jack the ripper was a name that the news papers gave this killer, there are a few people believed to be the killer but no one knows for sure. He was never caught.//Actually, the moniker Jack The Ripper was used by the killer himself, not the newspapers of the day. To date, the strongest suspect for the London serial killer is Walter Richard Sickert, who has been linked with Jack the Ripper by DNA matches.//The true identity of Jack the Ripper was never proven, so we do not know his real name.

Is Jack The Reaper fiction also?

Jack The Ripper was a real serial killer in London in the late 1880's. There was also a Jack The Stripper, he also was real. But I have never heard of Jack The Reaper.

Who is the most famous serial killer?

Jack the ripper was the first serial killer who made the media headlines and thus the first serial killer with workdwide coverage. Another serial killer did something uncomon. Dennis Rader know as the BTK killer, killed for 30 years. After years he came back to kill again until he was aprehended.Some serial killers have something unique that has persons looking for the information.Probably Jack Bauer. It is spelled serial by the way.There are many infamous serial killers. One very well-known serial killer who named himself Jack the Ripper. Jack the Ripper was a murder in 1888. He murdered five women, all where prostitutes and most were stabbed repeatedly below the waist. Jack the Ripper was very well-known for sending letters signed with his self christened name. Another interesting fact that still baffles the world is the real identity of Jack the Ripper.Note: The word infamous is a better word to describe people famous for wrong doings, like serial killers.

Could Jack the Ripper have been a vampire?

No. Vampires are fiction - that is not real - whereas Jack the Ripper was a real person.

Is Mary Pearcy Jack the Ripper?

The actual identify of Jack the Ripper is still unknown. There have been dozens of individuals suggested as the killer. While Mary Pearcy, who was later convicted for murdering her husband and child, is a possibility, there's no real evidence definitively linking her with the Ripper murders.

Was Jack the Ripper's real name Jack?

We don't know who he really was but he was real. He was a someone, usually thought of as a man, who we couldn't identify. He killed 5 people! It happened 100 years ago! Jack the Ripper was a name given to an unidentified serial killer that linked 5 victims to him. It is possible and quite likely that he was really Walter Sickert, the painter, who was fascinated with murder and the Ripper murders, as shown in his (sometimes quite disturbing) paintings.

Is Jack The Ripper a ghost?

No, he is perfectly real.

Was Nathan Kasminsky the real Jack the Ripper?

No. Kasminsky was not the Ripper, in fact he was never even a serious suspect.

What are the release dates for Is It Real - 2005 Jack the Ripper 3-3?

Is It Real - 2005 Jack the Ripper 3-3 was released on: USA: 30 October 2006

Who is the most recent imfamous serial killer?

Although many have come after him, the most recognized name in serial murder by far is the 19th century London killer, Jack The Ripper. His crimes are still some of the most brutal on record and the interest in this killer never wanes. Mostly due to the fact that the killer was never caught which has made way for outragious theories and second and third guessing. The crimes of JTR were not the result of Freemasons, a Royal conspiracy, a woman, nor was the Ripper neccessarily a medical doctor, butcher or furrier. Many times, serial killers don't come with a 'neon sign' that alerts the world to what they really are. They are master mimics, with the ability to blend in to the world around them. The real Ripper was probably never susupected in his lifetime.

What is the real identity of Jack the Ripper?

As the ripper has never been identified this fact is unknown As the ripper has never been identified this fact is unknown

What was the real name of the Yorkshire Ripper convicted in 1981?

Peter William Sutcliffe (born 2 June 1946 in Bingley, West Riding of Yorkshire) is an English serial killer who was dubbed The Yorkshire Ripper. Sutcliffe was convicted in 1981 of murdering 13 women and attacking several others.

From 2001 Movie From Hell Starring Johnny Depp what real life serial killer based on?

From Hell was about the Victorian-era serial killer known as Jack The Ripper. With the exception of the names of some of the real life people this movie is complete fiction. But it's always nice to sit in front of the TV and soak up a little Depp once in a while. Heather Graham is always gorgeous, enough anyway, that she can appear on camera beside Depp and not look average compared to his extremely handsome face.

Is there a real The Tooth Fairy serial killer?

There is a Tooth Fairy serial killer in a scary point and click game and also in The Red Dragon

Why is the theory that Jack the Ripper might have been and surgeon or a butcher?

The theory that Jack the Ripper was a surgeon or vet has no real basis. It has long been thought that since the Ripper removed organs that he must have had knowledge of human anatomy. One has only to look at photos or drawings of the victim's wounds to know that this killer deserved the name of "ripper". He literally ripped into his victims, cutting, stabbing and slashing in a near frenzy that lacked all evidence of precision. It would not have been difficult for the killer to have laid hands on a book of anatomy which could have given him a general idea of the locations of internal organs.

What is the name of nandhavanam serial?

There is no real serial killer with that name. I believe it is a series so it is fictional.

How did Jack the Ripper sign his name?

While 100s of letters claiming to be from Jack the Ripper were given to the authorities, we don't know that any of them were actually written by Jack the Ripper. Some letters are signed "Jack the Ripper," some are signed "Leather Apron" (which is what the murderer was often called before the name "Jack the Ripper" became popular), one is signed "Catch me when you can Mishter Lusk".....On and on and on.In short, no one knows which, if any, was the real signature.There is a book of these letters available if you would like to learn more. It includes transcripts and pictures.

What actors and actresses appeared in Real Crime - Serial Killer on Camera - 2008?

The cast of Real Crime - Serial Killer on Camera - 2008 includes: Simon Coleman as Colin Ireland

Where can one read stories about serial killers?

Serial killers are the basis for many works of fiction and biographies. The library is full of real life crime stories as well as aisles of fictional works with the era of Jack the Ripper being a particularly rich source.

Is Sherlock Holmes associated with Jack the Ripper?

There were no connections between the two. Remember that Jack the Ripper was real and Sherlock Holmes was a fictitious character. There have been a couple of attempts to merge the two and there is at least one movie that connects the two.

Did Jack The Ripper admit to murders?

Through the years there have been confessions in the crimes of Jack The Ripper. James Maybrick, a London buisness man, claimed to be the Ripper, killing prostitutes because his young wife took a lover. Dr. Thomas Neil Cream confessed with the words 'I am Jack The ....' as the trapdoor dropped and the noose snapped his neck. He was hung for murder by poison. Neither confessor proved to be the Ripper. If the real Ripper did confess to someone, they know how to keep a secret.

What was Jack The Ripper's real name?

The unknown murder that we call Jack The Ripper was never caught/ID'd so we can't say for sure what his name really was. Everybody has their own opinion on who the Whitechapel killer was, me included, but true crime only deals in facts.Nobody knows.No one knows who "Jack" was, so we don't know his name.As the ripper has never been identified this fact is unknown.But some think that his name is James Kelly, but are not sure of it

What was the real name of Son of Sam?

== == David Berkowitz was the real name of the serial killer nicknamed Son of Sam.

What movie killers are real?

Unless the movie is a biography of a real serial killer, none of them are real. Movie murderers are fictional characters.

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