Abusive Relationships and Domestic Violence

Is the silent treatment a sign of abuse?

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Not in all cases. Sometimes when two people keep arguing and there is no end to it one or both will stay quiet rather than exhaust themselves by continuing to argue. The unfortunate part is two people are suppose to act like adults and they should walk away, cool off and then sit down and communicate their feelings and try to get through their problems together.

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Is silence used as anger?

"The silent treatment" is a form of manipulation and also a sign of immaturity.

Why would an abuser give you the silent treatment at times when things are going well in life and you feel happy yet you feel less for him?

the object for some to abuse you is to "control" you, this silent treatment is most likely a form of manipulation to control you.

Why do abusers punish you with the silent treatment?

Please read the post I just made in the "Relationship section" under abuse. Hope it helps. Marcy

Is the silent treatment for days or weeks a sign of mental abuse?

I would say yes absolutely! No question about it. I think it is a form of control and a mind game that the abuser plays on their victim(s). I say victims because it could be a girlfriend, wife or a mother. They use many people at once. Anything that they can do to get you guessing or to make you think that you have done something to upset them is their motive. They want a reaction from you to make themselves feel powerful and isn't that what they are looking for that big word POWER. By ignoring you is to say that you are not important or you do not exist or you are not important to them!! The devalue you as a person and make you less than or try to anway if you allow them. If it is abandonment that they know you have issues with this is what they will use! Don't allow it. Go to therapy, join a support group, whatever it takes. The abuser is ONLY PUSHING YOU ASIDE TO DEGRADE YOU TO MAKE HIMSELF/HERSELF FEEL BETTER. There is nothing wrong with you, remember that, you do not deserve this treatment. It is a form of POWER AND CONTROL.AnswerIt is not a sign of mental abuse - it IS mental abuse! Answer"Is the silent treatment for days or weeks a sign of mental abuse?" Yes! It is mental abuse.

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Is silent treatment an indirect form of physical punishment or physical abuse?

It may hurt you emotionally, but not physically directly... but yes it can hurt indirectly. The silent treatment is a form of so called non-violent,non-physical punishment used to show the highest level of disgust with a person...Not speaking to and completely ignoring someone may have a negative psychological/emotional affect on the person which could be considered a form of mental abuse. Silent treatment can be considered as indirect form of physical abuse because it affects particular part of the brain of receiver of silent treatment. Because of the adverse effect on particular part of brain a person may feel severe emotional pain or even it can lead a receiver to depression or may lead a person to commit suicide. So that means if you are ignoring a person intentionally you are physically inflicting a pain. (could you please provide medical documentation(AMA) and cite the studies that specifically define the silent treatment as an indirect form of physical abuse?)

Men giving silent treatment to wives?

Men giving silent treatment to their wives occurs when they have had a disagreement or argument. Some wives also give their husbands the silent treatment when they fall out.

The Silent Treatment in an affair?

Don't be a jerk by having an affair in the first place. You get the silent treatment, you get all you deserve.

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The silent treatment is abusive.

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Why do narcissists give the silent treatment?

The silent treatment is a common form of abuse used by people who cannot stand to be on the receiving end of another person's self assertiveness. The silent treatment cuts the victim off from the abuser, it sends a distinctive message about how insignificant the victim is and how easy it is for the abuser to live without them. It is utilized by insecure people of weak character and poor self image who cannot keep up their end of a relationship through dialogue. It's their way or else. When you do something that displeases them you cease to exist for a certain period of time. I knew one person who doled out silent treatment punishments in increments of three month periods. We ignored him too!

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