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The answer is yes. The smell has numerous amounts of chemicals which can harm your brain... There are some nail polish companies like "Acquarella" that don't have a scent though there could be a smell that we can not detect that is not as bad for us as other nail polish smells...

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Can nail polish get you sick?

yes because the cemicals in it are very bad and if you smell it it will get you sick

Why does nail polish remover smell so bad?

It probably because of the chemical in there or something. not sure but ,hey, nail polish remover is worse. WAY............. 2 me at least.

Is nail polish bad for pets?

If the nail polish is toxic.

Is it bad to get nail polish in your nail?

No, not bad. Nail polish was invented 5,000 years ago by the Chinese and only the wealthy could wear it. If someone who wasn't noble or wealthy they were killed for wearing the nail polish.

How bad is the smell of nail polish for your brain?

I use it almost everyday! It can cause cancer and birth defects, non-toxic nail polishes are best, though.

Can i have nail polish on when to apply the artificial nails?

take the nail polish off if your going to do acrylic nails yourself, it'll look bad if you dont and you can't make the nails stick good with polish on

Is nail polish remover bad for you?

some nail polish removers are bad for your nails, as they dry out the nail, because they are acidic, this leaves your nail quite brittle and easily snapped, however, you can get nail polish remover pads that moisturise the nail as well as remove polish. Nail polish remover, is not that harmful to you, as long as you don't inhale too many of the fumes, as most nail polish removers are classed as solvents Nail Polish remover is quite bad for you so try not to inhale it too much. Its very toxic and if you use like a lot of it a year it can cause some diseases.

Can you take nail polish remover in your suitcase?

No, because it is flammable. also it might stain and ruin and leave a bad smell on your clothes

Is finger nail polish bad for you?

No as long as it stays on ur nail. Good examples are,Dont eat it.Dont lick it off.

Why is peeling off nail polish bad for your nails?

You take off thin layers of your nail along with the polish.

How do you get nail polish off with out using nail polish remover?

chip or peel it off, but its bad for your nail bed. Try soaking in warm up then peeling so it isnt as bad.

Can you have a bad reaction to nail polish?

Someone can have a bad reaction to nail polish. Those with sensitive skin can experience a negative reaction that can affect the nail bed as well as the surrounding area.

Is it bad to paint your skin with nail polish?

No........You can get it off with nail polidh remover

Are Muslims allowed to pray with nail polish?

When woman puts on nail polish they should do wudu and then when the next prayer comes they should do massa just like socks. When the nail polish is getting bad then first do wudu then put on nail polish.

Why are flies attracted to nail polish?

Probably because of the alcohol scent it has.

Is nail polish bad for you if used daily?

It can weaken your nails if not used with a base coat and removed with a good nail polish remover. To strengthen them try Sally Hansen diamond strength, it works wonders.

Why black nail polish is bad?

If you don't apply a clear base coat on your nails before applying the black nail polish, your nails can stain. This can happen with any of the darker nail polish colours.

Is nail polish bad while on your period?

Not unless your eating it. but then it is bad for you anyway

Is it bad luck to wear nail polish at night?

NO....there is no such thing as bad luck.

How is nail polish bad for you?

As with anything else, if used incorrectly it can be harmful. Drinking it would not be a good idea for instance

Does nail polish affect your nails in a bad way?

No The Nail polish Does Not Harm Your Nails All It Really Does Is Decorate Them & Make Them Pretty!Comments:

Side effects of nail polish remover?

. It usually burns when on skin. Makes a bad Oder after used. Do not use on face. It has a smell for a while after spilt on wood!

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