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Q: Is the spelling of America always upper case?
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Is the first letter of a chemical symbol always upper case or lower case?

upper case

How do you spell capitalzaion?

The US spelling is "capitalization" (upper case, or financial basis). The non-US (British-English) spelling is "capitalisation".

How many meg in 1 gig?

1024 MB= 1 GB Mega is always given an upper case M and Byte is always given an upper case B as is Giga.

Should the word hispanic be upper case?

Yes, because it is a propernou n.

Do you capitalize the word Mainland for mainland north america?

It is not necessary to capitalize the word mainland. The sentence is fine with mainland in lower case, while North America is in upper case.

What is the full form of sp?

The letters "sp" (either in lower or upper case) can have several different meanings. Sometimes it is used by an editor to note a spelling error. In upper case (SP) it can stand for Shore Police (to the navy), or (to a Scientologist) Suppressive Person.

Which sentence is gramnatically correct - is it i am on the estat or i am in the estate?

I am on the estate. Note: the upper-case 'I' should always be used when referring to yourself, not the lower-case 'i'.

Were roman sculptures carved in upper or lower case?

upper case

What is the spelling for pencil case in french?

the spelling for pencil case in french is "une trousse".

Why is the o on the 1959 and on penny lower case but it is all upper case on all other coins?

Artistic license, nothing else. The same stylistic spelling was used on Mercury dimes, among other coins.

Whey does the penny have a lower case o but an upper case f in United States of America?

It is simply something done by the creator. It is an artistic statement, or so they say.

Which case is case sensitive upper case or lower case?

Both. "Case sensitive" means that upper case and lower case characters are treated as different characters.