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Is the surgical and medical instruments industry growing?


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the medical and surgical products industry is growing rapidly.


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This category covers establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing medical, surgical, ophthalmic, and veterinary instruments and apparatus.

The value of shipments of surgical and medical instrument manufacturers totaled approximately $23.56 billion in 2001

One of the largest manufacturers of surgical and medical instruments and apparatus is Baxter International Inc. and its subsidiary, Baxter Healthcare Corp.

Companies that overcome these hurdles, however, can reap large profits if their products succeed.

There are several different areas of the medical supply industry that are growing. These areas include the biomedical industry.

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Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulation.

By the close of the twentieth century, the medical and surgical equipment business had become one of America's leading export industries.

New materials, such as stainless steel and plastics, broadened the scope of the device and apparatus industry. New equipment such as catheters, suction devices,

A surgeon is a medical doctor who specializes in surgical procedures. A surgical technician is one who assists the surgeon, preparing and laying out the surgical instruments needed for the surgery.

The 1990 Safe Medical Devices Act (SMDA), which defined procedures for bringing medical products to the market,

In the early 1600s, an Italian professor named Sanctorious

Some of the largest general categories of equipment are hand instruments, monitoring equipment, intravenous apparatus, syringes, and catheters.

Medical instruments, medical grade needles engineered for body piercing, medical grade surgical stainless steel, surgical grade titanium, bio-compatible materials like PTFE and Bioplast.

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Despite the dominance of a few massive competitors, such as Baxter and Siemens, the industry remains relatively diversified.

Major consumers of industry output in order of market size include foreign consumers, the federal government, medical and health services, doctors and dentists

The more chromium used in making stainless steel, the softer the alloy becomes, which is undesirable in the manufacturing of surgical instruments. Therefore, the mix required to make quality medical instruments is very specific and has well defined parameters.

roughly 10,000 industry jobs with average salaries of $50,000 are being exported yearly.

Medical transcription is a growing field in the health care industry. Many community colleges offer programs that train you to satisfy this growing need.

the difference between surgical and medical asepsis is that .....................???

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