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This depends on the dimension of particles.

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A typical solution is a homogeneous mixture with only one phase; a suspension is a nonhomogeneous mixture.For a colloid the answer is more complicate: the appearance is homogeneous, single phase but at a microscopic scale the system is not homogeneous.

Solution: one phase system (solute or solutes in a solution) Colloid: two phases system, very stable dispersion in a dispersion medium, particles in the range 5-200 nm Suspension: two phases (or more) system, unstable, particles above 200 nm A colloid is distinguished from a solution and a suspension by the particles, because they usually have an electric charge, and they repel each other, so they do not collect into larger perticles that would settle out like those in solutions, and suspensions.

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No, milk is not a solution or a solid. It is considered a complex mixture and a type of colloid.

No, paint is a Colloid.Answer 2I disagree....... A colloid is heterogenous, since it has a disperse phase (eg. solid particles) that is distributed across a disperse medium (eg. a solvent) - and yes many paints are colloids but this is irrelevant. Although a colloid may be considered heterogenous, it should (and must) not be confused with that of a suspension (another class of heterogenous mixtures). The disperse phase of a suspension will settle out to form a sediment over time, whereas the disperse phase of colloids do not (thus their formation is irreversible).The particles in a colloidal system remain in a 'dispersed state' because they are of a size that is too small to be infulenced by the gravitational field and thus do not settle out of the disperse medium over time.This is what fundementally distingushes a colloidal system from a suspension. But they are both heterogenous mixtures never the less!It is helpful to remember that from a scalar point of view, the disperse phase of colloids is classified between the very small scale of solution particles (individual ions) and the relatively large scale of suspension particles (visible 'macromolecular clusters').Hope this helpsGood luck.Peter Cook.Kent UK

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yes. cheese is a colloid. its dispersed phase is liquid and solid is its dispersed medium. belongs to the gel colloidal system.

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True Solution, Suspension and Colloidal SolutionBased on distinct properties, solutions can be classified into True Solution, Suspension and Colloid. This classification is necessary to understand concepts of colloidal solutions and distinguish it from rest of the types. True SolutionTrue Solution is a homogeneous mixture of two or more substances in which substance dissolved (solute) in solvent has the particle size of less than 10-9 m or 1 nm. Simple solution of sugar in water is an example of true solution. Particles of true solution cannot be filtered through filter paper and are not visible to naked eye. SuspensionsSuspension is a heterogeneous mixture in which particle size of one or more components is greater than 1000nm. When mud is dissolved in water and stirred vigorously, particles of mud are distributed evenly in water. After some time, the particles of this solution settle under water due to influence of gravity. This solution is an example of Suspension. Contrary to True Solution, particles of suspension are big enough to be seen with naked eye. Colloidal SolutionColloidal Solution is a heterogeneous mixture in which particle size of substance is intermediate of true solution and suspension i.e. between 1-1000 nm. Smoke from a fire is example of colloidal system in which tiny particles of solid float in air. Just like true solutions, Colloidal particles are small enough and cannot be seen through naked eye.They easily pass through filter paper. But colloidal particles are big enough to be blocked by parchment paper or animal membrane. Difference between True Solution, Suspension and Colloidal SolutionThe table given below summarizes the major properties and points of distinction between each type of solution with respect to different properties. PropertyTrue SolutionColloidal SolutionsSuspensionSize of the particles1000nmNatureHomogeneousHeterogeneousFilterability(Diffusion through parchment paper)Particles of true Solution diffuse rapidly through filter paper as well as parchment paper.Colloidal particles pass through filter paper but not through parchment paper.Suspension particles do not pass through filter paper and parchment paper.VisibilityParticles of True Solution are not visible to naked eye.Colloidal particles are not seen to naked eye but can be studied through ultra microscope.Suspension particles are big enough to be seen by naked eye.Tyndall effectTrue Solution does not show Tyndall effect.Colloids shows Tyndall effect.Suspension may or may not show Tyndall effect.AppearanceTransparentTranslucentOpaqueLink To Colloidal Solution :

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extraneous solution. or the lines do not intersect. There is no common point (solution) for the system of equation.

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luophilic colloids are coloidal system that prodece stabledispersionbetween colloidal particles and liquid

the solution to a system is where the two lines intersect upon a graph.

It is a system in which the solution set is a straight line.

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