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Is the tailgate lock actuator of a 2000 Grand Cherokee Limited in the gate and how do you replace it?

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July 02, 2008 5:41PM

mine is out right now i know how to get it out just having

problems finding a new one aftermarket it is located inside the

rear hatch panel there is 6 screws you take out and then then

unhook the 2 wires for the rear window defrost and then the panel

just pops off the lock motor is the really big one in the middle of

the door it has a manual another easy way to identify it is it has

a manual lock lever on the driver side of the actuator... as far as

removal make sure you have the new one handy and take out the old

and replace the same way hope that helped some Grinding noise

inside the liftgate when using the locks. Either won't lock or

un-lock (Mine won't lock. Broken drive gear, broken axel on switch

gear. Bad design.) Removing the trim: - 5 screws, 2 defroster

connectors. Grab the handle at the bottom and pull to remove the 10

trim fasteners. You will break a few of the yellow fasteners, maybe

the green. The trim panel is pretty tough, pull forcefully, but

carefully... Last are the top 4 white fasteners. Pull back the

rubber waterproofing panel halfway, carefully (if you are clean, it

may re-stick OK, otherwise, use adhesive when reapplying). One torx

screw to remove the actuator. Locate a new actuator and enough new

clips to replace the ones you broke. Reinstall actuator. Start trim

at the bottom yellow clips and work your way up.

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