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Taste is NOT a chemical property, because in most cases there is no molecular change by (chemical) reaction or chemical interaction with taste buds.

The only chemical reactions IN the mouth are those involving food digestion carried out by enzymes in saliva (eg. starch breakdown by amylase), this could change the 'taste' (eg. sugar from that amylase-breakdown gives more sweet taste).

Maybe some bitter tastes are partly (temporarely) chemical.

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Taste is a chemical property.

I consider taste as a chemical property.

No....Tart taste is a physical property, not chemical

It is not. It is a chemical property!

A sour taste results from chemical content -- the substance triggers chemical receptors on the tongue (sometimes also odor receptors in the nose). A sour flavor results from a chemical change within certain foods, or from the growth of microorganisms in the food.

The taste of something is a chemical property, not a reaction.

Abitter taste is considered to be a chemical property. This is because the shape of the item does not affect anything about taste.

Physical property. Common physical properties are color, taste and odor.

Yes taste is a physical property

Sour taste is a result of a chemical property. Certain chemicals - acids in particular - produce a sour taste when they come in contact with the appropriate taste buds. The chemical interaction of those chemicals with the taste buds yeilds a stimulus of those taste buds that the brain interprets as "sour".

Signs of physical change - Change in appearance,taste,display of substance Signs of chemical change- Change in chemical reaction

A physical change, of course. A physical change includes change in shape, color, or texture.

Well, it really depends what you are talking about. For example the word property (a characteristic of matter) can relate to characters in a story. There are two kinds of property physical and chemical. The physical can relate to the appearance of the character, and chemical can relate to how the character reacts with other characters. If you don't know the definitions physical is when the substance can be observed or measured without chemically changing said substance. Some examples are color, luster, malleability, brittleness, odor, taste, density etc. Chemical is the chemical properties of a substance determine whether or not it will react chemically. The chemical activity of a substance is defined as how easily the substance react with another substance.Hope that helps. Now, I couldn't be general, cause this is kind of a broad question! :)

i don't now the answer to this question so sorry i could not be helpful for your concern

Taste, along with the other four senses, is physical.

Taste is derived from the chemical composition and chemical properties of a material.

IT is a physical because physical properties refer to things that can be examined with the 5 senses (taste, look, ect.)

Taste is due to chemical reactions in the mouth.

no because itjust changes color and taste wich is a physical property

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