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Q: Is the text plus app on the ipod touch free to people who reply back from their cell phones?
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How do you communicate through phones?

you can send a messgae to there phone and they can reply back its a text messgae u can call them. you can check you email on phones now. its just fast communication

How do reply to an email on an iPod touch?

by login to your email and write back. on that the iPod is just like any computer

Does Justin Bieber write back on Twitter?

It's impossible for him to reply to everyone but he tries to reply to as many people as possible.

What does reply?

reply means to answer back.

Does souljaboy twitter back to people?

Well some famous people do reply/twitter back. So some might, and some wont.

Why do people use Mazuma?

Mazuma buys used phones. If people are wanting to sell their used phones, they used Mazuma and make some money back.

Who invented sprint phones?

people back in olden times

What is the reply button used for?

the reply button is used to answer the person back

What kind of phones did they have in the 1779s?

There were no phones back then

What does reply mean?

Please reply to our invitation by September, 1, 2012. He raised his hand to reply to the teacher's question.

Do you respond back to questions asked or do you just have a select group that you reply to?

There is no "we" to get back to you. Just other people like you who will answer your question IF it interests them and they they know the answer.

How long does it take for Harry Potter fan to reply back?

He will never reply