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Is the think-pad 600x wifi capable?

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To make the laptop wifi capable you'll need to purchase a wireless card that slots into the pcmcia slot or a wireless dongle that slots into a usb port

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Does Saturn have wifi?

No. There is no WiFi signal capable of going that far.

Can you use wifi if your phone is unlocked?

If your phone is wifi capable, yes.

Can the iphone get wifi anywhere?

You are referring to 3G. Yes it is capable of doing everything that WiFi is capable of. You need to get a 3G plan from your service carrier.

What is 600x 800?


How do you unlock free internet on phones?

The only "free" internet is turning on your phones WiFi is it's WiFi capable like all smartphones.

What is a thinkpad?

A ThinkPad is one of the many brands of portable laptops currently on the market. The ThinkPad was manufactured by IBM in 2005. ThinkPads were bought by the company Levano later.

How can you get wi-fi connection on your cellphone using a computer?

If your cellphone is WiFi capable simply turn WiFi on in the cellphone menu and enter the SSID and password and it should connect.

Which is better - IBM thinkpad or acer aspire laptop?

IBM thinkpad, definitely.

Can a modded wii use wi-fi?

Yes if modded correctly with wifi capable modchip.

Is the LG ally WiFi capable?

I don't know....SANTA MIGHT. He's a creep...suck it..his dick.

Which LapTops are WiFi capable?

The majority of laptop manufactures have incorporated Wifi in their laptops. In fact nowadays it would be difficult to buy a laptop without Wifi. Check the popular laptop manufacture websites such as Dell, HP, Compaq, Acer, Apple, Lenovo..etc to find out which laptop models include Wifi.

Does IBM make the thinkpad laptop?

No. IBM did design and sell the original ThinkPad laptop. However, a company named Lenovo has been manufacturing and marketing the ThinkPad laptop since 2005.

The principal proudly reports to the PTO that the schools computers have ethernet cards and are WiFi capable How is this important?

It is important because if you have wifi then you cant do much on the internet and plus you cant like download games on like i pod cell phones so wifi is really important.

What company invented the Thinkpad laptop?

The Thinkpad laptop was designed, developed and sold by IBM (International Business Machines Corporation). The first model was introduced in 1992, and since 2005 the Thinkpad is produced by Lenovo.

The ThinkPad r40 is produced by which company?

The ThinkPad R40 was produce by IBM. Lenovo now owns the ThinkPad brand, so support issues are serviced through that company, instead of the former owner IBM.

How much does the IBM ThinkPad T42 weigh?

The IBM ThinkPad T42 weighs 6.2 pounds. Also it has a width of 13" depth of 10.6" and height of 1.3". The ThinkPad is also very sturdy and has good performance.

What hard drive sizes are available with the ThinkPad T60p laptop?

The ThinkPad T60p laptop is not longer manufactured. However, used ThinkPad T60p laptops can be bought with 60GB, 80GB, 100GB, and 200GB harddrive sizes.

Where can one purchase a Thinkpad notebook?

The Thinkpad notebook is a type of laptop computer and can be purchased from various online sites and high street stores all around the world. The Thinkpad is available in various sizes and specifications.

What is the best personal computer?


Which company created the Thinkpad?


What is a really hard password?


When did IBM first debut Thinkpad tablets?

IBM first debuted Thinkpad tablets in 2012. The Thinkpad had been a part of the IBM brand since 1982. Currently the tablet is owned by Lenovo and is not the most popular model of tablet.

Are routers needed for wireless internet services?

Wireless internet services depend on two main components: the wireless router/receiver, and a computer that is wireless internet capable. Most computers are now wifi capable.

What do you do if you tried upgrading a ThinkPad 760XD from Win 98 to 200 and the laptop just keeps restarting?

That could mean that your computer isn't capable of running Windows 2000 (i.e not enough memory or RAM or something)

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