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Q: Is the us tax court is a part of the judicial system of the us actually an independent judicial body?
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While the US Tax Court is a part of the judicial system of the US it is actually an independent judicial body that was created by Congress true or false?

True for Aplus

How many court systems are beneath supreme court?

In the US, the entire federal judicial system is under the US Supreme Court. Each state and territory has an independent court system. Those systems are independent of the US Supreme Court, but are required to follow the Supreme Court.

What is judicial independence and it role development of democracy and democratic system in Ethiopia?

The judiciary organ power is vested in the hands of court must be independent

Examplas of court of the judicial system?

supreme court, court of appeals

Who works in the judicial branch currently?

The Supreme court is the highest court in the court system. The judicial branch is make up of theSumpreme court.

In the georgia judicial system the court most likely to hear an appeal from the juvenile court is the?

In the Georgian judicial system, the court most likely to hear an appeal from the juvenile court is the State Court of Appeals.

What is the judicial system?

The Judicial Branch is pretty much all the courts in the United States. The highest court in the Judicial Branch is the Supreme Court.

Who holds the office of the judicial branch?

The Judicial Branch The United States has a dual court system, so the judicial power is shared between the state and federal court system.

Who is the hierarchy or the judicial system?

supreme court

Which branch of governtment has court system?


Is Canadian law based on the british judicial system?

Yes, the highest court in Canada was actually located in Britain until 1982.

What are three levels of the judicial system?

Supreme court Court of justice Repesenative court