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Is the use of computers a necessity?

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Yes. As the world is getting bigger and bigger the necessity for contacting people is ever growing. Take the world in Iraq in to count. Family can take to their family members over there through a video call made online or they could watch as their wives give birth to their child if they couldn't be there. As this world is getting more interconnected it is getting more computerized. Computers make it a necessity in business as well. They can drive robots on the factory line or they could make your ice cream that you eat. Everything in business now in 2007(2008 and beyond) is computer and the industry that drives this necessity for computers is ever going.

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Are operating systems a necessity for today's computers?


Development in the field of computers?

The development in the field of computers is an ongoing process which has resulted into great improvement of technology in use. Initially computers were designed to be used for military communications in the early 50s but they have now become an necessity in every industry.

Which one is grammatically correct to say the necessity for or the necessity of?

Use of.

How do you use necessity in a sentence?

They don't have access to the very basic necessity of life.

5 sentences about you learn to use computers and use computers to learn?

1. You can use computers to learn new things.

Describe why computers has become a basic necessity at homes?

Now days computer has basic necessity at home because each family member uses the computer for different purpose these inclusedes entetainment such and aduction

Does Italy use computers?

Italy is a country that does use computers. In this technical age, all developed countries in the world use computers.

How do they use computers in bookstores?

they use computers to keep check of what they sell

Advantages of computers in todays life?

Computers are pretty much a necessity in today's life. Almost everything is done via computer, including school in some cases. Computers make it easier to find information and easier to communicate with others.

How do you use the word necessity in a sentence?

my mom but me necessities... (:

List out various unethical use of computers?

List out of unethical use of computers

Can dogs Use Computers?

Not really no...If you can train them to use computers, then your a good trainer

Why do computers use the decimal system?

Computers use a binary system, not decimal.

What do scientists use computers for?

scientists use computers for all sorts of things like research. Scientists use computers to study protein folding. Scientists use computers to record, analyze, and capture experimental data. They use computers to automate calculations and create simulations to test hypotheses. Computers can also be used by scientists for visualization. They also use computers to coordinate and communicate with other scientists and to prepare scientific publications.

How do you use Force majeure in a sentence?

Force majeure = Absolute necessity. You use the expression 'c'est un cas de force majeure' = it's a case of absolute necessity.

How would you use necessity in a sentence?

The area of proposed research might also dictate the necessity of a professional qualification or experience in the field.

How do scientists use computers?

Scientists use computers to input research data and make charts. They also use computers to type up reports and articles.

List out the various unethical use of computers?

list out various unethical use of computers

What type of code do computers use?

Digital computers use binary to perform operations.

How many businesses use computers?

There is not a list with a total number of all the businesses that use computers. Most, if not all, businesses use computers in one way or another.

Do electricians use computers?

Yes. They use lots of computers and electronic equipment in doing their jobs.

Computers are typically protected from viruses by the use of?

Computers are typically protected from viruses by the use of firewalls.

Was it possible for Albert Einstein to use computers?

It is not possible for Albert Einstein to use computers because he has short term memory. But he can use computers with programming which makes him remember about his works.

Do early people use computers?

No computers weren't invented

Why was the binary number system adopted for use in computers?

The binary number system was adopted for use in computers because it is the only thing computers understand.