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Is the word 'pleaded' incorrect?

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Yes 'pleaded' is incorrect. The correct past tense of plead is plead. It is spelled the same as the present tense verb, but pronounced with a small "e".

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He pleaded to be allowed into the ceremony. Even though she pleaded with him, he would not take her back.

Our teacher asked us to write a sentence with the word pleaded.

Yes, pleaded is the correct spelling of that word.Some example sentences are:She pleaded with the bank manager for a loan.The charity advert pleaded for some funds.He pleaded with the judge to believe him.

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Apparently, both "pleaded" and "pled" are correct.

There is no such grammatically correct word. The past tense of plead is PLED.

Pleaded is the past tense.

To plead is to make a claim or statement. For example: "how do you plead?" "Not guilty."

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