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Is the word mosquito of Spanish origin?

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Yes. "Mosca" is the Spanish word for "fly". The diminutive form of this is "mosquito", or "little fly".

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Q: Is the word mosquito of Spanish origin?
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What is the Latin name for a mosquito?

The word for mosquito in Latin is "culex". The actual origin of the word comes from Spanish, which gives it the base "mosc-" and then the suffix "-ito" which means little.

What is spanish word for mosquito?

mosquito is the same in english and spanishhay un mosquito!!there is a mosquito!!thanks hope that helped :P

Where did the word 'mosquito' come from?

the word mosquito came from spanish meaning means small insect

What country did the word mosquito come from?

it is a Spanish word

Is the word football of Spanish origin?

No, it isn't from the Spanish origin.

How do you say mosquito in Spanish?

Mosquito is the same in Spanish as it is in English.same MOSQUITO!!!!

What is the English word for mosquito?

The English word is "mosquito" - the word was borrowed from Spanish. However in Britain mosquitos are often called gnats.

What does the word mosquito mean in spanish?

Latin Americans call the mosquito a mosquito also, and its name comes from Spanish.-- It is Spanish for "little fly". Fly is mosca and uses the diminutive ito to mean small.

Where does the word mosquito originate from?

The insect mosquito and their native language. Joking, mosquito means little fly in Spanish and Portuguese. The word evolved from the original Latin word musca for fly.

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What is the word origin for the word hacienda?

Answer It is a Spanish word.

Which country does the word mosquito come from?

There is a Latin word 'musca' meaning fly. This has passed into the Spanish language as mosquito and means 'little gnat'

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Is mosquito a spanish word?

yes it is but the meaning isn't really the same. Mosquito are small flies that are annoying but not the blood sucking type we have another word for those.

What is the word origin of savvy?

The Spanish word 'saber' - to know.

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Permeate (in Spanish)

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It is Spanish for nap

What order of sects does a mosque belong to?

A mosque is an Islamic place of worship. A story which has been circulating suggests that the word mosque is synonymous with mosquito, mosque being the Spanish version of the word. Infact, the Spanish word for mosquito is mosquito. During the era of Muslim rule in Spain, the Spanish speaking community used the words mosquito (for mosquito, the insect) and mesquita (mosque, place of worship). Mosquitoes belong to the class: insecta, order: diptera, suborder: nematocera, infraorder: culicomorpha, superfamily: culicoidea and family: culicidae.

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