Is the word spelled “whiskey” or “whisky” Does it matter?


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2020-03-12 15:05:26
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Generally speaking, only the spelling without the E is for Scotch whisky.

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Whiskey, or whisky, formerly called whiskeybae (also spelled usquebaugh), is from the Irish uisce beathadh, "water of life" i.e. "brandy."

The American word for whiskey is whiskey. In Scottish and British English it is whisky.

The word whiskey is of Gaelic origin. It derived from the Gaelic word whisky which means water of life.

same origin as Aquae Vitae or akvavit as we say in scandinavia .. meaning"water of life". Say that in gaelic (like Asterix or rather his druid Miraculix).. then it spelled like uisge beatha over time transformed to easy talking (fonetic)"uiske-wa'ha",and further to just uisky ... and in the end Whisky or whiskey

There is NO difference. Scotch IS whisky. Scotch is a nickname for whisky made in Scotland. On every bottle of whisky made in Scotland the label says 'Scotch Whisky' rather than 'Scottish Whisky'. The word 'Scotch' simply means where the product is made i.e. Scotland. ----- Scotch is a tradename and must meet requirements for ingredients, distilling, aging and blending to be called "Scotch". Whiskey is more generic referring to any distilled drink made from grain mash, fermented and then distilled one, two or three times then stored in charred wooden barrels to "age" the whiskey and gain its brown color. In some cases the aging process is skipped as in the production of "moonshine", which techically could be called young unaged whiskey.

Whiskey or whisky is a type of distilled alcoholic beverage made from fermented grain mash. Various grains are used for different varieties, including barley, corn, rye, and wheat. The origin of the word whiskey is an Anglicization of the Irish words "uisce beathadh", with the meaning "water of life".

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