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No tenacious is not a compound word


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A compound sentence is made up of two independent clauses. An example of a compound sentence using the word tenacious would be "Samuel is tenacious when it comes to learning new gym skills, and he rarely gives up until he has mastered them."

The root word for tenacious is unknown.

Tenacity The noun for the word tenacious is tenaciousness. Hope this helps!

A: He was very tenacious to his mother.

He is tenacious - he never gives up or gives in !

He was tenacious in his opinion, no one could ever change it.

Tenacious means stubbornly holding to your course. Here are some sentences.He was tenacious in his struggle against poverty.Her tenacious attitude got her into trouble with her boss.The tenacious battle lasted for hours.

Athletes must be tenacious in the pursuit of excellence if they hope to become Olympic champions. OR..... He hold my hand with a tenacious grip.

The word tenacious means holding fast (cohesive or adhesive). In behavior, it means determined.

The dog clung onto the bone in a tenacious way. I hope I helped.

Despite shortcomings, his tenacious attitude pushed him to work hard and achieve his goals.

A tenacious student would spend time working out sentences rather than plagiarizing them.

The fight was a tenacious battle to the end; both boxers were hurt and fatigued by the night's end. Tenacious is an adjective that describes something as being vehement, committed, and energetic.

Some antonyms for the word tenacious include weak, kind, surrendering, and afraid. Some synonyms are tough, sure, persistent, and true.

airportCompound word is the compound word in your question.

Storebook is not a compound word. Storybook is a compound word.

Tenacious or stubborn are both synonyms for doggedly.

No it is not a compound word

No. Compound is not a compound word because if you try to separate it, you would get com & pound. Com is not a word (the com in a website does not qualify as a word).

A non compound word is , a word with one word not two . For a example a compound word is snowflake. An non compound is hot cheetos.

No, unpack is not a compound word because "un" is not a word a compound word is a word that has two words in it.

No, the word around is not a compound word.

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