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No. I have no idea where you would have got this notion. Social Security cards are not credit cards and cannot be used as credit cards.

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Vanquis Bank is willing to give credit cards to persons who are bankrupt and have been refused credit elsewhere. Clients can start with a manageable credit limit from å£150 to å£1000.

1000 points= 10 € in europe. You can buy cards for 20€ for 2000 points or use the credit card to buy 1000 or more points.

It could be huge. BUT, if you have a $0 balance............which you won't matter. It's all about percentages. A credit card w/ a $1000 limit w/ $300 on OK (keep all cards below 30%). A credit card w/ a $500 limit and $300 on it is BAD (60% of the credit is USED). The key here is to "HAVE" CREDIT........NOT "USED" CREDIT. It's all about percentages. Credit is only credit......if it's available.

I know there are several credit cards on the market that offer rewards or points that can be redeemed for items? What company offers the best credit card rewards if I am spending between $500 and $1000 a month on the credit and paying it off at the end of the month?

yes and gift cards I just found a very Nice offer from Amazon! Sign up just by admitting your email! 1000$ credit if you win! (just copy and type in the shorting htt...)

Home Depot credit card holders report limits ranging from $1000 - $12,000; it depends on your the results of your credit application. Some may carry a high APR and lower your balance without much notice.

Debit ram 1000Credit cash 1000

If Henry had a credit limit of 1000 dollar and charged 847 dollars to his credit card, without exceeding his credit limit he would have 153 dollars credit available for his next purchase.c>1000-847

Generally no. BUT, keep in mind that you need credit to have a credit score. Many times people think that just having credit cards hurts your credit score. Not true. The credit repositories need something to report. What will hurt your credit is having credit cards that you are always at or near the credit limit. Try to keep them at 60% or lower. So if you have a $1000 limit, keep it at $600 or less.

The credit card company won't give you a credit card if you don't have any kind of income. According to your income on a yearly basis they will decide if you will be able to pay of your debts. Most people with a lower income will get around a 1000 to 2000 USD max. limit

there is enough for everyone but there is only 1 in 1000 packs of cards

Contact your credit card grantor. In some cases, you cannot turn all of your available credit into cash. For example, if you have a credit line of $2000 and you get a statement for $100 that you spent, your statement could read: Credit line: $2000 Amount avilable: $1900 Amount available for cash: $1000. In that case, you can only turn $1000 into cash. As an aside, some cards charge a higher rate for cash advances than for purchases. And some will chanrge an "origination fee" of 2 to 3 percent.

Pay with your credit card!

debit rent expense 1500credit cash 500credit bank 1000

It depends: If your buying a points card in the shops then you can get: 1000 (£12), 2000 (£15) or 3000 (£25). The price is higher as they add VAT. But if your buying on the Wii console with your credit card then you can get: 1000 (£7), 3000 (£21) or 5000 (£35)

Well one card is about 10cm so 10 cards would be 1 meter. So there would be 1000 cards on 100 meters ( there is 1000 meters in one km) so there would be about 10,000 cards in one kilometer.

No, you can't, they use Sony's proprietary Memory Stick cards.

There are a few credit cards you will qualify for, but they will be low balance and high interest cards. You have to start somewhere and credit card companies realize that. Prove yourself responsible to them and they will up your credit line and you can negotiate lower rates after 6 months with the card. Sounds like age and experience are the issues... 1. please think carefully before getting a credit card at the age you are at! Not because you are smart or dumb but because: a. 73% of people under 25 years old and younger make errors with credit that effects them long term for the following reasons Job security, college with little income, and just not ready for any debt. 2. If you are still looking for a credit card without a co-signer go to or any other bank and open a credit card that is SECURED. you will put $500 into a CD and the bank will issue you a Secured credit card for $500. use this for a year without any late payments and you will be able to get one with a low limit without and security. Good Luck!!!!!! FYI....never get into credit more than 12% of your yearly worth no matter what any credit issuer or friend says. if you make $1000 a month get a credit limit of $1000 that way you have credit and it can not ever put you in a position of lossing your credit rating. Your best bet would be a secured card, and one that does not report to the credit bureaus as 'secured'. A secured card means you put money into an account with the creditor and that amount generally becomes your 'credit limit'. There are some, like Bank of America, where you can get a secured card with a $99 deposit and they give you up to $500 as a credit limit. With many secured cards, they may be converted to unsecured after a period of perfect payments. You can try searching for a card to suit your needs.

How do I find the security password for my wireless E-1000 cisco router??? How do i find the password for my liksys router???

You can't score a 1000. The highest your FICO score can go is 850.

My dad has 1300 credit 300 my credit 1000 tex credit $3:00 rev up bonus can u explain what my credit balance is used for

it depends on your credit ratings, down payment, term of lease and type of truck. but it will run atleast $1000 a month with 20% down payment/security deposit.

No but here I just found a very Nice offer from Amazon! Sign up just by admitting your email! 1000$ credit if you win! (just copy and type in the shorting htt...)

1000 gamerpoints gives you the katana, not the security armour.