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yeah their could be

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Can you use DNA testing for sexual assults?

Its possible but in depends on what form of assault

What are three things forensic scientists use DNA fingerprinting for?


What are the producers of DNA testing?

Genetic makers are the structural differences in DNA that are the producers of the DNA testing.

Who invented DNA testing?

Roger Houston invented DNA testing

What are two common uses for DNA testing?

DNA Fingerprinting, and Testing for alleles.

Common uses for DNA testing?

DNA testing is used to identify things.

What is a single strand of DNA used for DNA testing called?

A single strand of DNA used for DNA testing is called PCR

Where do you go for DNA testing in Missouri?

There are many private companies you can go to for DNA testing in Missouri. DNA diagnostic center is a popular place for DNA testing, and it has 58 locations in Missouri.

Name two common uses for DNA testing?

DNA fingerprinting, and testing for alleles.

What year was DNA testing invented in?

When DNA testing was invented was in 1942 by Roger Houston

How does DNA drug testing differ from a urine sample?

DNA drug testing doesn't exist.

What are the questions post by investigators to ascertain the father of a child in disputed fatherhood?

Disputed fatherhood is determined by DNA testing not questions.Disputed fatherhood is determined by DNA testing not questions.Disputed fatherhood is determined by DNA testing not questions.Disputed fatherhood is determined by DNA testing not questions.

Is DNA testing different between different species?

DNA testing is the same, no matter what species it is performed on. DNA testing can be used to find genetic abnormalities and establish biological connections.

Is there any agency here in the Philippines that can do DNA testing?

There is paternity testing and DNA testing in the Philippines. It can also be completed at the United States embassy.

How reliable are the results of DNA testing?

DNA testing is entirely accurate, although there is 0.001% chance that a DNA match is matched by pure chance.

Why are people arguing about DNA testing?

Lack of technical establishments Lack of public confidence Effluence of sexual illegal intercourse will be published Social Fear

What kind of equipment does IDT DNA sell?

IDT DNA sell equipment that would be used for DNA testing, microbatoric testing and medical testing. These things are very steral and highly expensive.

Is it possible to do legal DNA testings in hospital?

Depending on where you live it is possible to do legal DNA testing in hospitals. In the USA it is legal. In Canada most hospitals do not perform DNA testing for paternity testing.

Where can you go to get a DNA test?

There are kits sold where you can do DNA testing at home. You can also go to DNA testing centers such as DNA Diagnostics Center. You should check to see who is in your area.

What is the difference between DNA testing and DNA fingerprinting?

DNA testing is taking ur blood and DNA fingerprinting is just scanning ur fingers not taking anything away from you.

Where can one find information about DNA ancestry testing?

Online information about DNA ancestry testing can be found at 23 and me, Ancestry DNA, roots for real, and Genealogy. The fee for the testing ranges from $99-$199 and shows DNA matches and how they are related.

What hospital in Baguio City offers DNA Testing?

so where in baguio city phillipines(hospitals/clinics) offers dna testing,spicifically paternity testing?

Does menstrual blood contain DNA?

Yes, menstrual blood will contain DNA of the individual who is menstruating (also possible DNA from sexual partners if they had sex within a few days of taking the sample). Menstrual flow contains blood, tissue, discharge, cervical mucus, and skin cells which all will contain DNA.

What hospitals offer DNA testing in the Philippines?

St. Lukes Medical Center is a hospital who offers DNA testing in the Philippines.

What instrument is use in DNA testing?

DNA testing like for finger printing and murder seances and for to tell if your the father of the kid