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No there is no daylight savings time.

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Q: Is there Daylight Saving Time in Iraq?
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Does Iraq observe Daylight Saving Time?

Iraq used to observe Daylight Saving Time before 2008 - in 2008, The Ministry of Iraq decided that the country would no longer observe DST as they have in prior years. Therefore, in 2009 and future years, the answer is "NO".

How do you spell daylight-saving time?

daylight-saving time

Why daylight saving time?

Daylight Saving Time is good for saving electricity

Is it daylight saving or daylight savings?

it is Daylight Saving Time- no S after Saving BUT Most people say Daylight Savings Time..Why? When people say the phrase 'Daylight Savings Time' it sounds like a possessive noun, as in, the time that belongs to Daylight Saving, hence it's Daylight Saving's time. But, in actuality "Daylight Saving" is being used as an adjective - as in time that is saving daylight.

What is the time difference between NYand Iraq?

The time in New York is UTC - 5 hrs. during Standard Time and UTC - 4 hrs. during Daylight Saving Time, and the time in Iraq is always UTC + 3 hrs., so when the U.S. is on Daylight Saving Time, Iraq is 7 hrs. ahead of New York, and when the U.S. is on Standard Time, Iraq is 8 hrs. ahead of New York.The U.S. observes Daylight Saving Time from the 2nd Sunday of March to the 1st Sunday of November.

Does daylight saving produce productivity?

In the Daylight saving Time

Is Cancun on Daylight Saving Time?

No, Cancun does not use Daylight Saving Time.

Does Guam have Daylight Saving Time?

No, Guam does not observe Daylight Saving Time.

Is it daylight savings or saving time?

The proper term is Daylight Saving Time.

In what month does Daylight Saving Time begin?

Daylight Saving Time starts in March.

Does Phoenix follow daylight saving time?

Phoenix does not follow daylight saving time.

What month does daylight saving time begins?

Daylight Saving Time starts in March.

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