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yes. contact: alliant.reloading@atk.com

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What is the difference between 45 Colt and 45 Long Colt reloading dies?

There is no difference , there was a 45 short colt cartridge made for just a short time back in the early1900's but it quickly went away , however the name " Long Colt " just stuck .

Can any set of data be displayed using a histogram?

Yes, any data set can be displayed using a histogram, as long as it represents original data, or data that does fall in a particular order.

When did the Florida highway Patrol replace the Colt Python?

The Colt Python is a revolver. Revolvers have long been out of favor with law enforcement agencies of all types. The chief reason being the number of rounds capable of being fired by the weapon at one reloading. Semi-automatic pistols ALL have greater capacity than the standard six-shooter.

Can you shoot 45 colt or does it have to be long colt in your Taurus judge?

the judge fires 45 colt which is the same as 45 long colt not to be confused with 45 acp it also fires 410 shot shells

Can 45 schofield be shot out of 45 colt?

The .45 Schofield can be fired in a .45 Long Colt revolver, but the .45 Long Colt cannot be fired in a .45 Schofield revolver.

Have 45long colt derringer will chamber454 casull?

no, just 45 long colt, what is was made for

Will 45 colt rifle ammunition fit 45 colt relvover?

yes, if both weapons are for the 45 long colt cartridge

.22 colt long riffle. How 2 fix trigger?

how 2 fix trigger on colt .22 long riffle

What is the difference between 45 colt and 45 long colt?

Different names for the same cartridge.

What year was the first 45 long colt lever rifle made?

The first 45 long colt lever rifle was made in 1985.

Is there a picture of 38 long cal Colt Revolver?

R L Wilson's book on Colt has one.

Can you use 45ACP dies to load 45 long colt?

yes. but the seating die would have to be higher up then for the 45 acp. I have loaded 45 long colt with my 45 acp dies set.................also, need 45 long colt shell holder.........

What was life like before the colt revolver?

life was not long with 'one' shot..........life improved with the colt revolver.............

What is the difference between 45 Colt and 45 Long Colt ammo?

They are the same exact round. When the .45 Schofield (S&W) round was introduced in the late 1800s people began to refer to the .45 Colt as the .45 Long Colt, or Long .45, because the .45 Schofield was shorter. The name may have changed for a while, but the actual round never did.

In how long will a pony have a colt?

It takes about 9 months.

Does a 38 DA Colt use 38 short or 38 long?

The Colt DA 38 Model # 1901, can only use a 38 short, not a long or special.

Are the colt 45 and the 45 long colt interchangable?

no with regard to cases. 45 long colt has a ridge that sets on end of cylinder. 45 acp is rimless. however, they do make a cylinder for the acp that can be used on colt single actions. i have just bought a uberti 45 and was told by the dealer "a very reputable" that a 45 colt, and a 45 long colt are exactly the same. it's when you add the acp that it is a shorter round with no lip on the back of the case where the primer fits to stop it from going all in the cylinder

Can you shoot colt 45 ammo in your 45 long colt pistol?

Have it checked over by a good gunsmith before you attmept this.

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