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Is there a 75 cent us coin?


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No there as never been a U.S. coin with a 75 cent face value.


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No, there isn't a .75 cent value of a US coin. However, there are coins that are equal to $1.00 value.

A US 5-cent coin is 75% copper and 25% nickel.

A two cent US coin is larger in size than a ten cent US coin.

1856 3 cent coin value

Nickel is a chemical element. The US 5-cent coin is made of 75% copper and 25% nickel.

The value of a 1956 cincuenta centavos or 50 cent coin depends on its condition. The coin is valued between 75 c and 9 US dollars.

it can be worth 20 cents to 75 dollars depending on grade and mint mark.

The US one cent coin...

No there is not and there cannot be. There are a number of countries which use a dollar as its major currency unit. Among these are Australia and the US. Australia has a 20 cent coin but not a 25 cent coin whereas the US has a 25 cent coin but not a 20 cent coin. Also the smallest Australian coin is a 5 cent coin. The number of ways of making change for a dollar in Australia and US will, therefore, be different.

The 50 cent coin bears the head of President John F. Kennedy

The penny coin which was worth a cent

The US 50 cent coin has JF Kennedy on it.

The US 10 cent coin has president Roosevelt.

Kennedy is on the US half dollar (50 cent) coin and Lincoln is on the penny (1 cent) coin.

Sorry, no US twenty cent coins (1875-1878) were struck in 1944 look at the coin again.

The US dime, or ten cent coin.

how much is a one cent indian coin from the late 1800s

The first US one cent coin was the 1793 Flowing Hair large cent.

The answer depends on what part of the world the question is about. The Eurozone has a 20 cent coin but not a 25 cent coin. The US, which is smaller, has a 25 cent coin but not a 20.

So many were made circulated coins are 3 cents and uncirculated are less than 75 cents

If the coin is a large cent it is worth between $1 and $11. If the coin is a small cent it is worth 75 cents to $9.70. In the future please include the condition of the coin so I can value it more precisely for you.

Check that coin again. The only years for the US 20 cent coin was 1875-78.

Holy Cow! You have a rare Draped Bust Large Cent - if this coin was minted in 1801 and it is in good condition (G4), its value is: $75-$250.00

...Of what US coin? There have been several US coins intended for circulation ranging from half a cent to $20.

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