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Is there a DS game shop on a DS?

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Which version do you have? I have the lite, and the dsiXL but none of them have it.

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No it isn't. You can buy it from a game shop.

You can't play a Ds game on a Wii, But on a Wii U you can Buy some Ds games in the shop

if you are asking what they are they are a ds game, wii game, toy, and a online game

tamagotchi corner shop 1 has a dentist

several games in my daughters littlest pet shop DS game are locked. How do I unlock them?

You can get the ds game from stores in town or any other good stores which sell ds games. If you can not find it in a shop then you will be able to buy it online

you can get it in buster brampton for ps2 ds dsi and more game stop you can get ds or you can get ds futer shop ds or psp.zellers you get for ds

if you are talking about the DS game nintendogs, then you can shop anytime. but if you are mistakin for some other dog game, then I don't know.

No it's a name for a hippy shop on a ds game

I suggest you ask an employee this in a game shop, i recommend GAME or game station

you can ONLY get them once and its at the fossil guilds shop.

Mariana is in the Pixie Hollow tree in the item shop.

You go to either the DSi Ware shop or the eShop and download them from there.

Chain of Memories is a game for the Nintendo DS. The wii shop channel doesn't not let you download games for your DS. The Nintendo channel does have some demos for the Nintendo DS that you can download.

A Nintendo DS game system can be bought from Best Buy, Walmart, Target, Sears, The Bay, EB Games, Game Stop, Game Zone, Amazon, The Source and Future Shop.

Skye is a real character in Harvest Moon DS Cute. The only other game he was ever in is the Wiiware game My Little Shop.

Yes, you can buy it at your local game shop or order one online.

Go to a 'GAME' shop, or a electronics repair shop you know. Let them have a look, dont do it youself, you could hurt yourself, or damage the DS even further. Good Luck

The game is either faulty or your DS has stuffed up. All my advice is, bring it back to the shop if you can, or buy a new DS! You should try to see whether its the DS or Game so your not wasting money. Cassie. xx

take it to a DS repair shop

Try somthing like Ebay but in the new section.