Is there a DVR that allows me to play my own videos on it?


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Yes the EverFocus ECOR4 4-CH DVR w/DVD BURNER will also play your DVd videos.

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It would not cost extra to use your own DVR with cable from a cable company. However, you would need to make sure you are using a different DVR than what your cable company provides when you order DVR through them. As many times it is common their will be a code to input in order to use the DVR feature, this is the main reason for the need of having a different DVR.

No. The cameras only send an image to the DVR, they don't record on their own.

This also does include its own univeral remote controller which allows you to control all the critical functions on the DVR.

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Yes, you can. You can mod your computer and set it up to your TV to act as a DVR. It is up to the cable company whether they will allow you to do this. They may make exceptions, but generally they want you to use their devices.

No, DVR and cable companies have made pretty strick rules about this type of thing.

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Not unless you want it to. The TV signal is passed simultaneously to the tuner in the DVR and to the TV. If you are watching the channel you are recording, the recording will be happening at the same time. You do not need a TV attached to the DVR, it just becomes harder to see what you are doing. A lot of DVRs have two tuners, so that two different channels can be recorded at the same time. That then allows you to free up the TV tuner to watch a third channel live (not recorded). You can also record two channels and also play back a recorded program, all at the same time. The DVR has it's own antenna input for it's own tuners. It also has an antenna output, which passes the aerial signal to the TV, so it too can share the same antenna. Recorders used to output an RF signal on the output socket (CH35, or tuneable) These days there is no RF signal out from the recorder, this is handled by HDMI or AV cables to the TV.

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It varies on the cable or satellite service provider that you have call them or visit their website for details. If you want, you can purchase your own TiVO DVR. Their website is Hope this helps!

No,it will not work becuase it has a controller card in the slot,it means you own it especially if you have to move then you can take the DVR with you.You own it without paying any fees other than the service fees.

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There is not one set price for Degital cable DVR. You would have to call around your local cable providers to see what kind of special offers they may have. Every provider has their own price.

How expensive your DVR service is depends on if you use your cable company's service or if decide to purchase your own DVR.Cable company service. Most cable company's DVR service seem to run approx. $10 per month, in addition to your current cable company bill. Generally, there is no equipment to purchase so the only cost you pay is your monthly bill. Note: This may or may not be the case with your cable company. Consult your cable company for exact pricing and terms for DVR service.Purchasing your own DVR. A new DVR can be anywhere from roughly $100 (for a standard TiVo DVR) to $600 for some higher-end DVRs. The higher-end DVRs include fancy features such as DVD recording and the like. Plus, you pay an additional monthly fee, ($12 per month for TiVo, for example). If you decide to network your DVR, you'll need a network adapter. If you need to hook it up to a phone line, you may need to purchase a filter if you have DSL.While purchasing your DVR may be more expensive initially, your DVR offers more features and flexibility than your cable company's service. Once you buy the TiVo DVR, you can pay a one-time service fee that covers the life-time of the box. This avoids costly monthly service fees, but this often doesn't allow for DVR upgrade or subscription changes

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