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Is there a GED Test designed specially for students who were in Special Education while still in school?


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What Accommodations Are Available If I Have A Documented Disability? If you have a documented disability that could keep you from taking the GED Tests in the way, they are usually given, you might be entitled to receive testing accommodations. Accommodations are available for people with (but not limited to) the following: * Physical disabilities (such as blindness, low vision, deafness, impaired hearing, or mobility impairments) * Learning disabilities (such as dyslexia, dyscalculia, receptive aphasia, or written language disorder) * Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder * Psychological disabilities (such as bipolar disorder or Tourette's syndrome) * Chronic health issues Accommodations may include: * Audiocassette edition * Braille edition * Large-print edition (no documentation required) * Vision-enhancing technologies * Use of video equipment for candidates who are deaf or hard-of-hearing in composing the Language Arts, Writing essay * Use of a talking calculator or abacus * Certified sign-language interpreter; use of a scribe * Extended time; supervised extra breaks * Use of a private room * One-on-one testing at a health facility * Other reasonable accommodations as warranted, based on individual needs How to get assistance If you have a disability that can be documented by a qualified professional, ask your local GED Testing Center for one of these forms: * Learning Disabilities and/or AttentionDeficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (Form L-15) * Physical Disabilities and Emotional or Psychological Disabilities (Form SA-001) The GED Testing Center will tell you what you need to do to complete the form. Return the completed form with documentation of your disability to the same center. Each request is considered on an individual basis. If the accommodations are approved, your local GED Examiner will arrange with you to conduct the testing with the approved accommodations. There will be no additional cost for accommodations. If you think you have a disability, but you do not have documentation, first contact your state's Vocational Rehabilitation Office. The National Rehabilitation Information Center (NARIC), at 1-800-346-2742, also may be able to help.

Visit the official GED Testing Service website at for more information.


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I would go to first to learn more about special education for students. Most local schools have special education for students also. I am sure a special education teacher will answer your questions.

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The benefits of special education are numerous to those with disabilities. The students that are in special education often have special needs and special education give those students the structure of a traditional education, and social skills that come with being in school.

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Special education is important to teachers because one has to be qualified to work with these types of students. They have to know how to work with and understand students with disabilities and special needs; general education teachers are not able or qualified to do this.

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