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Is there a NASA developed home insulation?

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Painting the interior or the exterior of a house can

be quite an arduous task, but few realize that

adding a fresh splash of color to the walls and siding

of their homes can lead to reduced energy consumption

and substantial savings on utility bills. Hy-Tech

Thermal Solutions, LLC, of Melbourne, Florida, is producing

a very complex blend of ceramic vacuum-filled

refractory products designed to minimize the path of hot

air transfer through ceilings, walls, and roofs. The insulating

ceramic technology blocks the transfer of heat outward

when applied to paint on interior walls and ceilings,

and prevents the transfer of heat inward when used

to paint exterior walls and roofs, effectively providing

year-round comfort in the home.

As a manufacturer and marketer of thermal solutions

for residential, commercial, and industrial applications,

Hy-Tech Thermal Solutions attributes its success to the

high performance insulating ceramic microsphere originally

developed from NASA thermal research at Ames

Research Center. Shaped like a hollow ball so small that

it looks as if it is a single grain of flour to the naked eye

(slightly thicker than a human hair), the microsphere is

noncombustible and fairly chemical-resistant, and has a

wall thickness about 1/10 of the sphere diameter, a compressive

strength of about 4,000 pounds per square inch,

and a softening point of about 1,800 ºC.

Hy-Tech Thermal Solutions improved upon these

properties by removing all of the gas inside and creating

a vacuum. In effect, a "mini thermos bottle" is produced,

acting as a barrier to heat by reflecting it away from the

protected surface. When these microspheres are combined

with other materials, they enhance the thermal

resistance of those materials.

So... the short answer is a resounding YES!!

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