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No its wii ware pokemon ranch

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โˆ™ 2010-08-14 16:19:11
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Q: Is there a Pokemon wii game called pokefarm?
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Is there going to be a Pokemon game for Wii U?

Nobody knows if there will be a Pokemon Wii Disc game, but there is a Downloadable Pokemon Game at the Nintendo Wii Shop. It goes for 800 points or so, and it is called Pokemon Rumble.

What is the new game of Pokemon for Wii?

Recently, the newest Pokemon game for Nintendo Wii is Pokemon battle revolution. ____________________________________________________________________ Sooner or later, there will be a new game called PokePark(download)

What is the new wii Pokemon game called?

Pokemon Battle Revolution, I think.

How do you get Haylee on Pokemon pearl from the wii downloadable game called Pokemon Ranch?

you cant

What is the latest handheld Pokemon game and for what handheld?

It is a wii and the game is called Pokemon revenge.......Just joking nerd!

How do you get Pokemon Colosseum on Wii?

there is no Pokemon Collusem for wii only for(N64, and Gamecube) There is a similar game for wii called ''Pokemon Battle Revelution'' I have it.... But trust me it is not that good. I would rate it 3.7 out of 10.00

On Pokemon Pearl where is Haylee?

Haylee is only on a Wii dowload able game called Pokemon Ranch.

Why is Pokefarm down?

I don't know but i really think that it should go back up because seeing a zoark or embor will be awesome. I really think that they should make Pokefarm 2 so that you can travel the Pokemon world to pick were to put your Pokemon. I also think they should put Pokemon in wii battle.

Will there be a wii Pokemon game that has shadow Pokemon?

You can put the gamecube version of it on your wii. That works.

What is the new Pokemon Wii game's name?

The newest Pokemon game to hit the Nintendo Wii is called Everyone's Pokemon Ranch. The game involves you downloading your Diamond and Peral Pokemon to your Wii and storing and interacting with them on a farm. You get various opportunities to trade for Pokemon whilst on the farm, including for a Phione and a Mew. Everyone's Pokemon Ranch is available through the WiiWare service. You can use your Mii to interact with your Pokemon.

What is a good Pokemon adventure game for Wii?

There is no such thing as a good Pokemon game.

Is there any Pokemon game that has no level limit that's not TPPC?

Yes, it's called "Pokemon Rumble", and it's for the Wii.

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