Is there a Sailor Venus in the series Sailor Moon?

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Yes, her name is Mina in the English version and Minako in Japanese. She used to be Sailor V (from Serena/Usagi's comic books) and somehow became Sailor Venus. She wears an orange and white sailor suit and has long blonde hair with a red ribbon in it.
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Who is Sailor Moon?

Sailor Moon is Usagi Tsukino in disguise. She is a young middle school / High school girl who wishes to live a normal life. When the series starts she's 14 years old and gains her magical brooch to transform from a talking cat named Luna, who is later revealed to know her in a past life. With her br ( Full Answer )

What happend in the last series of sailor moon?

SPOILER ALERT. In the first few episodes of the final season of Sailormoon, Queen Nehelenia, who the sailor senshi thought was sealed away, is released and tries to take her revenge on Sailormoon for imprisoning her by kidnapping Mamoru (Darien). It is during this fight with Nehelenia that Super Sai ( Full Answer )

Who is sailor Venus?

Sailor Venus is a Sailor Scout from the Anime show, Sailor Moon . She was known as the Goddess of Love, and is supposedly an awesome volleyball player.

Is there a Sailor Earth on Sailor Moon?

No. Darien/Tuxedo Mask is the protector of earth. All of the scouts are princesses of their own planets - Princess Mars, Princess Mercury, learn about that in the fourth season. But Earth has a prince instead of a princess, and that's Darien. In season 4, you learn a lot more about Dar ( Full Answer )

Is there a Sailor Earth in Sailor Moon?

No. In all the various incarnations of the Sailor Moon series (anime, manga, live-action, and musicals), Tuxedo Mask/Prince Endymion/Mamoru Chiba/Darien Shields is the former Prince of Earth. In the anime, Mamoru is revealed to possess a golden-colored Star Seed, one that marks him as the represent ( Full Answer )

Is there a Sailor Uranus on Sailor Moon?

Yes and she's the tallest too. Sailor Uranus's ailas is Haruka or in English dub, Amara. She is seen in Episode 90 in Japanese and Episode 83 in English but her first appearance is in Episode 92 in Japanese and Epsiode 85 in English. She has short, light blonde hair, is tall and has dark blue eyes. ( Full Answer )

Sailor Moon where to get them?

Try online...Ebay, Amazon, those types of places. I know that I just found some searching on Amazon. Just type Sailor Moon into the search box!

How many Sailor Senshi are in Sailor Moon?

That depends on your definition of "Sailor Scout [Senshi]." This is because we see many Sailor Scouts in the Sailor Moon series, but there are more who are only mentioned in passing, those who appear only in the anime (such as those "Sailors" created from fake Sailor Crystals, the phages), those who ( Full Answer )

How many series are there of Sailor Moon?

There are five Sailor Moon series (or seasons): 1) Sailor Moon (sometimes called "Classic") 2) Sailor Moon R (two parts; for the first part, the "R" stood for "Returns," and in the second, it's said to stand for "Romance") 3) Sailor Moon S (where the "S" stands for "Super") 4) Sailor Moon ( Full Answer )

Will there be a new sailor moon series?

Very good question actually. There has already been 5 seasons and many hope for a 6th-- as do I but that's all up to Naoko Takeuchi the creator... She has all rights. Right now sailor moon is coming back globally but as for a new season.. it's possible.. Many Moonies have made trailers of a ( Full Answer )

The names of the sailors in sailor moon?

Serena is Sailor Moon. Rini is Sailor Mini-Moon in season 3. Nina is Sailor Venus. Ami is Sailor Mercury. Ray is Sailor Mars. Lita is Sailor Jupiter. Michelle is Sailor Neptune. Amara is Sailor Uranus. Sorry, but I don't know their Chinese names, or Sailor Pluto and Saturn's name. ( Full Answer )

In sailor moon is sailor Uranus lesbian?

Sailor Uranus is one in the manga but she is not one in the show. EDIT Yes! She and Neptune and lovers. In both the anime and the manga. However, in the American dub, they call them 'close cousins'. And as most people consider the American dub, like most dubs, to be worthless, we can disre ( Full Answer )

Why don't they have a sailor sun in sailor moon?

Because the sun is a star, and not a planet. Only planets get Sailor soldiers. I guess your not really a fan of the show or the manga? Some of the enemies were Sailor Soldiers, not all of them were based on Planets, if that were true, Sailor Moon would not be a Sailor Soldier either based on your ( Full Answer )

Is there a Sailor Saturn in Sailor Moon?

Yes there is a Sailor Saturn. Her name is Hotaru Tomoe. She only shows up in a couple episodes as Sailor Saturn but Hotaru was also possessed by Mistress 9 during the "Sailor Moon S" season. Sailor Saturn is also known as the Soldier of Destruction because she has the power to destroy worlds. In t ( Full Answer )

What is Sailor Moon about?

It's about a Japanese teenager named Usagi Tsukino who, after finding a black cat with a crescent moon on its forehead, learns that she is the soldier of love and justice, Sailor Moon. She finds the rest of her team, Sailor Senshi (warrior, warriors) Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus, and must defea ( Full Answer )

How old is Sailor Moon at the end of the TV series?

In episode 200 ("Usagi's Love! Moonlight Lights up the Whole Galaxy!"), Usagi has a voiceover in the last few moments that reveals her age after the events of the entire Sailor Moon series; it is similar to the introduction speech she used to give at the beginning of each episode in the first season ( Full Answer )

Is Sailor Moon Sacrifice a series?

Sailor Moon Sacrifice is a fanmade "serie" (with footages from Sailor Moon Classic to Stars) created by Kaosu Studios :)

Is the sailor moon series finished?

Yeah it has but do you know about all the continuations and the live action series, if you watch all the series from the beginning you'll probz cry at the end like me lol. The plot spans five major story arcs , each of them represented in both the manga and anime, usually under different names:(wat ( Full Answer )

Is there a Sailor Pluto on Sailor Moon?

Yes there is a Sailor Pluto on Sailor Moon. Her English Human name is Trista Meioh and her Japanese Human name is Setsuna Meioh even though in Japan it would be written as Meioh Setsuna. She has greenish hair, a staff and can bend time for just a little. She is in the Outer Sailor Scout team along w ( Full Answer )

Is there a Sailor Mega Moon in the Sailor Moon series?

In the animated series, Sailor Moon has three distinct, separately-named forms: her original, which we see through Sailor Moon seasons 1-3, Super Sailor Moon, which we see in part of Season 3 and 4, and Eternal Sailor Moon, which we see in part of Season 4 and Season 5. In the manga, a possible fou ( Full Answer )

How many sailors are in sailor moon?

It is implied that there is a guardian for every single major celestial body in the universe. The number of Senshi is the same as this number, which is unknown by any human. But in the show, they have the 10 main, and 4 more shown in the last season. In the manga, they have all of that, plus 4 for ( Full Answer )

Will there be another Sailor Moon serie?

As of February 21, 2010, there is no word on a new series yet. However, Sailormoon is back on the air in Japan, Italy and Albania, and Toei is re-releasing the anime for the 2012 20th Anniversary of Sailormoon. So time will tell!

How old are the Sailor Scouts from Sailor Moon?

The Inner Senshi start at 14 at the beginning of the Sailor Moon series and at the end are 16 years old. Here are the Senshi listed in order of age (oldest to youngest), with their birthday beside their names (original first, dubbed English name in parentheses): . Rei (Raye) - April 17 . Usagi ( ( Full Answer )

In Sailor Moon was there anyone after sailor saturn?

Technically yes. In Order ... Moon, Mercury, Mars, Tuxedo, Jupiter, Venus, Urnaus and Neptune, Mini Moon, Pluto, Saturn, Star fighter, Star maker, Star Healer and Glaxia. That's the exact order all of the scouts appear.. if you wanna count the starlights and Glaxia as scouts like I do... ( Full Answer )

Is there a Sailor Sun in Sailor Moon?

no it was just a joke and there is no sailor earth either sailor earth is actually tuxedo mask the protector of earth so no sailor sun or earth

Why don't they have a sailor earth in sailor moon?

Because Darien is basically sailor Earth.. Not all sailor Scouts have to be chicks... Darien is the protector of earth, Earth is his ruling planet... ego he acts as Sailor Earth.

What did Sailor Moon do?

in the first season she defeted Queen Byrel. in the second season she defeated Rubius and the Four Sisters of Nemisis. in the third season she defeated the Wise Manand saved the Amazon Trio. in the fourth season she defeated Master Zarconia, Amazon Quartet, And Queen Nehulania. But in the beginning ( Full Answer )

When does sailor moon meet sailor Pluto?

Sailor Moon meets Sailor Pluto when Rini takes the scouts to the gate of time, that Pluto guards, in order to save the 30th century and Rini's family.

When do the Sailor Starlights find out who Sailor Moon is?

Seiya (Sailor Star Fighter) initially had the suspicion that Eternal Sailor Moon was Usagi when she mentioned something about Seiya that only Usagi would know in episode 181, when Seiya and Usagi went out on a quasi-date. However, by episode's end, Seiya convinced himself that Usagi couldn't be Sail ( Full Answer )

Who plays sailor moon in sailor moon?

You are going to have to narrow it down a bit. You have multiple voices: The American dub (and really any other dub), original Japanese, the tv live action sailor moon in japan, the musicals, CD's with sailor moon 'singing', radio dramas, and video games. Assuming, you mean the American dub, the a ( Full Answer )

When does sailor venus appear in Sailor moon?

Sailor Venus' first anime appearance is as Minako Aino, in a non-speaking role, in Japanese episode 33/or episode 29 in the English dub. She later appears as Sailor Venus speaking, at the end of that same episode. Her first appearance in the manga as Sailor Venus, and not as her previous "Sailor V" ( Full Answer )

Where can you watch Sailor Moon the manga series?

You can't "watch" the Sailor Moon manga series, although you can read it; it's currently under license by Kodansha and Kodansha USA for English-speaking countries, and is being re-released through 2013. The anime series ended its original run in 1995, though many countries continued airing it on va ( Full Answer )

Why sailor mars and sailor moon are fighting?

Because Sailor Mars thinks too poorly of Sailor Moon and believes she too immature for everything. I mean, she IS, but she's also a good kid, and isn't always immature.

What happened to the sailors in Sailor Moon?

The inner and outer solar sailors all die and get reincarnated together again. They do not say what happens to sailor cosmo and the other non-solar sailors end up (but i am pretty sure they are also reborn)

How does sailor moon meet sailor mars?

In the first arc of the Sailor Moon series, Usagi (Sailor Moon/Serena) and Ami (Sailor Mercury/Amy) heard about a bus that disappeared from the top of Sendai Hill, taking all its passengers with it. Its last known stop was in front of the Hikawa Shrine. Usagi and Ami go to investigate, but when the ( Full Answer )

Is Sailor Cosmos really Sailor Moon?

It's debatable. Sailor Cosmos only appears in the manga, and when she appears, she doesn't specifically say who she is. However, one of Sailor Chibimoon's guardians, Sailor Ceres, says "Don't tell me you're...Sailor Moon's future ultimate form?!" (Sailor Moon vol. 12, Kodansha English edition, p. 24 ( Full Answer )

Is there a sailor Haumea in sailor Moon?

Not in the canonical Sailor Moon anime or manga, no. However, fans often design their own "Otaku Senshi" or "Fan Senshi" with the names of existing astronomical bodies, and Haumea is no exception.

Why is sailor moon the leader of the sailor scouts?

Whether she is the leader or not depends on if you're talking about the anime or the manga. In the anime, she's the leader of the Scouts mainly because, aside from Sailor V, she was the first Scout to be awakened. In addition, she's the Moon Princess, the one whom all the other Sailor Scouts have t ( Full Answer )

Is there a sailor asteroid on sailor moon?

Not canonically, no. However, in the Sailor Moon manga, the Amazon Quartet is revealed to be Sailor Chibi-Moon's Sailor Team, awakened early after being discovered in the Amazon rainforest. They were corrupted to evil by Queen Nehellenia, and transformed back at the end of the Dream (equivalent ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between Sailor Moon Crystal and the original Sailor Moon series?

The differences between Sailor Moon Crystal and the original SailorMoon series is that the characters are voiced by different actorsin Sailor Moon Crystal, the 4 Inner Soldiers (Mercury, Venus, Marsand Jupiter) are introduced earlier and differently and the other 3Generals (Nephlite, Zoiscite and Ku ( Full Answer )