Is there a Saint Brittany

Updated: 9/23/2023
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The closest I can come to a saint named Brittany is Saint Yves of Brittany (Saint Yves de Bretagne)

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Q: Is there a Saint Brittany
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Where is saint-Malo?

Saint-Malo is in the north coast of the region Brittany, Western France.

Where did Jacques Cartier originate from?

he was born in saint malo, Brittany

Where did cartier grow up?

Saint-Malo, Brittany,France

When was Brittany Jorgenson born?

Brittany Jorgenson was born on July 10, 1991, in Saint Louis Park, Minnesota, USA.

Is there a Saint Tristan in the Catholic Church?

There is a Saint Tristan venerated in Brittany in France. Not very well-known.

Where did Jacques cartier grow up?

Saint-Malo, Brittany,france

Jacques cartier country of birth?

It was Saint-Malo,Brittany and France.

Where was jacgues cartier born?

Somewhere in France Saint-Malo, Brittany, France

Where was jaques carties born?

Jacques Cartier was born in Saint-Malo in Brittany, France.

Where did Jacques Cartier come from?

Jacques Cartier was born in Saint-Malo, Brittany, France

When did Jacques Cartier live?

He was born in 1491 in Saint Malo on the north east coast of Brittany and died in 1557 in Saint Malo aged 65

When did St. Sampson die?

Saint Samson (Sampson) of York died in the year 565 at Brittany of natural causes.