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Is there a Song missing from the Annie movie and soundtrack?


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What instruments was used


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I love that song Its on the soundtrack and its called children's song but nobody has it

Haha its on the Twilight soundtrack.

Hannah Montana The Movie Soundtrack, if it's the Miley Cyrus song you're refering to!

There are no credits for Annie Briggs for the movie "Down Terrace." The only song in the film performed by a female is Richard Tucker's "Are You Leaving for the Country?" which is performed by Karen Dalton.

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what is the song that is playing when Bella is dieing and then in the hospital?, this song is not ton the soundtrack the song is called: Let Me Sign by: Robert Pattinson

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It wasn't on the soundtrack... It wasn't on the soundtrack...

She co-write with Willie Nelson the song "Right To Dream" for the soundtrack of the independent movie "Tennessee."

The Nilsson version was featured in the movie "Rules of Attraction" in the suicide in the bathtub scene. It is on the soundtrack.

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It is from the soundtrack of the movie ORDINARY PEOPLE.

The song is from the movie "Roadhouse", but not on the official soundtrack.

'Easy Rider' featured the song 'The Weight' by The Band.

Into the Night is a B.B. King song found on the Into the Night soundtrack.

It's called a soundtrack!! the songs from a movie on a CD are called the soundtrack.

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The Taylor Swift Song Crazier was recorded in 2008. The song was part of the movie Hannah Montana: The Movie. It is considered to be the best song on the movie soundtrack.

There are many different songs entitled "Life" that have been part of movie soundtracks. For example, Swedish pop-rock singer Ana Johnsson's song "Life" was on the soundtrack of the movie "Spider-Man 2".

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