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No. Wicca is a religion, not a language.

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Q: Is there a Wicca word for sister?
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What is the Saxon word for witch?


Who belongs to wicca relegion?

Wicca is not a religion in the generally perceived sense of the word - it is a pagan spiritual practice.

Witch comes from which Saxon word?


What word that starts with W and ends with A?

whoa. wicca. whoopla.

Is their a religion named wicked?

No. There is "Wicca", but that is unrelated to the English word "wicked".

Is there anyone who has information on what faeries would have to do with wicca religion My sister inlaw is into the whole wicca thing and always gives my daughter fairie stuff?

Well Wicca is a religion basically based on belief in a lot of mysterious deep things. I myself find that I am into faerie things and impossibilities. I believe it is just the way of being into things that other people don't really believe in. It may also have to do with the fact that faeries first came about in Celtic stories and Celtic people were very much into Wicca. Wicca is, a lot of the time, tied in with mystical creatures and such because Wicca is the "witch" religion.

Does Wicca have a bible?

Wicca has its own scriptures.

Where is Wicca?

Wicca isn't based anywhere.

What old English word did witch originate from?

The Old English word is Wicce or Wicca - a woman having dealings with the devil

Where is wicca based?

Wicca isn't based anywhere.

The word witch comes from the Anglo -saxon word wicca what did it originally mean?

I believe it's a verb meaning to bend or shape.

What is the Faerie sect of Wicca?

Yes, Faerie Wicca is practiced.