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Is there a action replay code for Lugia in Pokemon emerald?


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yea u have to get the mystic ticket. u can use a action replay to type in a code to get the ticket, it is be39b3a8280987e1 u should get the ticket . the ticket takes u to a island were u can get ho-oh and lugia

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Get gameshark, which is like an action replay, but for gameboy

There is no action replay code for shadow lugia in pokemon black.

Use an action replay or go to a Nintendo event such as Pokemon Rocks America

with action replay you can

you have to have action replay

Shadow lugia can not be caught or be caught with action replay and action replay cheat code for shadow lugia does not exist. shadow lugia does exist!Pokemon xd you moron.and no there isn't a code.

Action Replay Pokemon Modifier.

The only way to catch lugia in Pokemon emerald is at navel rock. There was an event for this years ago, so you cannot catch it legally now. The only option is action replay/gameshark.

pokemon piatunum lugia egg code

you need an action replay to get lugia otherwise you can't

To Catch Lugia You'll Need A Action Replay.

Only with action replay

There is no Action Replay code in order to get a Shadow Lugia in Pokémon Pearl.

There is no Action Replay code in order to get Shadow Lugia in Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum at the moment.

You can not get Lugia on Pokemon Platinum sorry :c sad face By the way, this is about Lugia not mew. you need an action replay to get Lugia otherwise you can't get Lugia on Pokemon Platinum.

gameshark or action replay or the Pokemon events .

Only With A Action Replay And The Pokemon Modifier. Or Trading. Or Migrating.

dude, you need to reaserch on Pokemon a bit if you think that this is possible You can't catch Lugia in Emerald. by using a mystic ticket! P.S. Hope I ansered your question! =) ughh or in other words....CHEAT action replay...game sharks..etc.

There is no Action Replay code to get a Shadow Lugia. However, there are many codes to get a shiny, or normal Lugia, Ho-Oh, or any other legendary. Shadow Lugia isn't even a real Pokemon except for the gamecube game with Shadow Lugia

At Navel Rock, and you get there by using a mystic ticket you can get one by using a gameshark or action replay or nintendo event or a cheat.

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