Is there a bio or photos of geraldine Edwards the groupie that the character penny lane of almost famous was based on?

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No, there is no biography of Geraldine Edwards. She has expressed no interest in having one created and she has been asked. There are a few pictures of her on the Internet, one of her walking with Robert Palmer at an awards show and another of her and Robert Palmer sitting on the beach taken near his beachfront Del Mar Estate at Blackstar Beach. And she is the model on Robert Palmer's 1975 Pressure Drop. She was Robert Palmer's girlfriend at the time of his death. There was another picture of her walking in London with her brother-in-law and her husband. And there was one of her walking at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel with Eric Clapton from the seventies. She has stated that she prefers that her image not be posted to the Internet, however. She is a private person. There is some information about her available through credible sources, i.e., friends and associates of hers. She only gave two interviews in her life, both in the seventies, and decided that she would give no others. I am sure she thinks there are other people more newsworthy than her. She was born in San Diego, California, in the fifties. Her full name is Geraldine Angel Edwards. She attended Clairemont High School in the seventies, and went on to attend College earning her Associates in Paralegal Studies. She eventually earned her Masters in Paralegal Sciences and Business Administration. She started going backstage to Rock Concerts in 1971, on a lark. She wanted to see if she could do it. She was more than successful at this. The first person who invited her backstage was Peter Wolf who was then in the J. Geils Band. And the rest as they say, is history. She has dated a whos who of musicians, including Eric Clapton, Roger Daltry, Rick Springfield, Rod Price and many others. She was close to many in the music scene, including a couple of Record company presidents, vice-presidents and two Record Company owners. She continued going backstage until 1977. The last concert she went backstage to in 1977 was the Who, where she met Roger Daltry, at the San Diego Sports Arena. From then on she would only occasionally attend her friends concerts, and not on a regular basis. Her parents names were Tamara and Samuel Edwards. Both are now deceased. She has four siblings, William, Daniel, Roxanne and Allison and ten nieces and nephews. She has no children. She is married to a Medical/Legal Expert by the name of Anthony Flemming-Mueller. They have been married since 2006, and met in early 2004. She is a small business owner since the nineties. She has worked in the field of law since 1980. She worked for the Attorney General's Office for the State of California for a number of years. She is now working as a Legal Administrator. She has received offers on two occasions to write a memoir about her personal experiences. She has politely declined those offers. She respects peoples privacy. She has had an interesting life and has some interesting relatives. She was the County Psychic for the City of San Diego for three years. Her relatives include Douglas Edwards, the first newscaster on television. He was her second cousin. Her great grandfather was Aleister Crowley on her mothers side. And her grandfather on her father's side was a Circuit Court Judge. One of her paternal aunts dated and almost married R.J. Reynolds Jr., but changed her mind. She has some interesting people in her family. About her experiences as a groupie, she has said to those close to her that she was glad to have had the experiences, but that life is an ongoing process. You can not live in the past. And according to her friends, she is enjoying her life now, and always has at least three irons in the fire at any given time. She is definitely ambitious and goal oriented, just not about getting personal publicity for herself. She is very happy in her marriage and in her life.
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What is a groupie?

Someone who sleeps or screws the band. By the band I meen a famous rockstar. Now I am sure that some of you boys would now love to become rockstars. And girls this does pay good money I should know.Screw means having sex with them

What are groupies?

Girls that follow their favorite bands around, trying to meet them and get behind stage passes etc. They are fans who take it to the extreme Actually, groupies are girls who have sex with musicians. That's the exact definition of a groupie.

Who are the musicians on Penny Lane by The Beatles?

Penny Lane was very much a Paul McCartney song and very much a product of the recording studio and some revolutionary (at the time) recording processes.. All four Beatles contributed to the song, but other musicians were brought in to provide some of the more unusual intrumentation at different tim ( Full Answer )

What band was the movie almost famous based on?

The band in the movie was based on Stillwater. However, the actual bands Cameron Crowe followed when he was a Rolling Stone reporter were The Eagles, Led Zeppelin and a few others.

What was Penny Lane?

Penny Lane was a street in Liverpool which had shops and businesses which Paul McCartney thought it might be a good idea to write a song about. The shopping area is real, but the businesses and people referred to are mostly fictitious.. "Penny Lane" b/w "Strawberry Fields Forever" by the Beatles wa ( Full Answer )

What are the lyrics to Penny Lane by The Beatles?

I got them from lyrics 007. Penny Lane there is a barber showing photographs of every head he's had the pleasure to know And all the people that come and go stop to say hello On the corner is a banker with a motor car the little children laugh at him behind his back And the banker never w ( Full Answer )

What is a groupy?

By the way this is how u spell groupy g-r-o-u-p-i-e groupies are sluts!!!!! They follow a rock band wear ever and the have total sex with them!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Totaly sick!!!!

Where are Penny Lane and Strawberry Fields?

Both are local places in Liverpool. Penny Lane is a street in a commercial district; Strawberry Field was a Salvation Army orphanage, that had garden parties every summer.

Was the beatles 'penny lane' number 1?

It was kept out of the #1 spot in England by Engelbert Humperdinck's "Release Me". It went to #1 in the US for a week, but was displaced a week later by the Turtles, with "Happy Together".

Is Penny Lane a street or a woman?

It was a street, a commercial block, so to speak in Liverpool- like a Bargain alley, this explains the commercial tone of the song- there are three characters of widely varying occupations, a Barber, a Banker, a Fireman, and somewhat oddly at a traffic circle- a nurse, selling poppies ( my guess for ( Full Answer )

How to get groupies?

Well in order to get groupies you have to be attractive to women. Not just physically, but emotionally. It all comes down to being attractive to them for whatever reason. You need to learn how to interact with women in order to trigger this attraction in them. You need to dress the part to be congru ( Full Answer )

On what album is penny lane?

Penny Lane is a single released with Strawberry Fields Forever, and it is on Magical Mystery Tour

What was the background information on penny lane - the beatles?

Penny Lane is actually the nickname to a junction of streets in Liverpool, England known for its shopping. It was named after an 18th century slave trader named James Penny. The barbershop mentioned in the song exists as "Tony Slavin's", as does the (bus) shelter in the middle of the roundabout, ( Full Answer )

Was geraldine Edwards Robert palmers girlfriend and the woman who dated Eric clapton rick springfield roger daltry and others the woman almost famous was written about?

Yes she was. Geraldine Edwards met Cameron Crowe in San Diego, California, in 1975 backstage at the San Diego Sports Arena. At the time Cameron Crowe was interested in being a Sports Writer and was a fan of the San Diego Gulls. Geraldine suggested that he widen his range and interview all types of p ( Full Answer )

Who was the actual person Penny Lane based on?

That was Geraldine Edwards. She was eighteen in 1975, was known to hang-out backstage at the San Diego Sports Arena and other San Diego and Los Angeles veunes, did have a sister, Roxanne, who also went backstage with her from time to time, and was born and raised in San Diego, California. Cameron Cr ( Full Answer )

Is Pamela DeBarres the inspiration for Penny Lane in Almost Famous because I read an interview where she did say that?

No, she is not. Penny Lane is based on San Diegan Geraldine Edwards, who was a friend of Cameron Crowes, who was also from San Diego, California. Pamela DeBarres is known to be the master of self-promotion and did make the statement that she was both the inspiration for Penny Lane and one of the ins ( Full Answer )

Is it true that geraldine Edwards the late Robert palmers girlfriend and the woman almost famous was written about helped mix the sound on the winter bros Frankenstein live?

According to Rodney Bingenheimer's interview with Geraldine Edwards which took place in 1975, that is true. Geraldine Edwards met the legendary Shelley Yakus, who is hands down the must famous record producer in the world, and who owned the Record Plant at the time, in 1974, backstage at the San Die ( Full Answer )

Who had a hit with 'Penny Lane'?

"Penny Lane" is a song by The Beatles , written by Paul McCartney and credited to Lennon/McCartney. Recorded during the Sgt. Pepper sessions, "Penny Lane" was released in February 1967 as one side of a double A-sided single, along with "Strawberry Fields Forever". The song was later included on the ( Full Answer )

Why do not website of Robert palmer list geraldine Edwards as his girlfriend?

The website you are referring to is not the official website of Robert Palmer, in other words it is not mandated by his family or friends. The Palmer family took down their official website in 2006. The reason that Geraldine Edwards name does not appear as Robert Palmer's girlfriend is that she has ( Full Answer )

How did geraldine ferraro become famous?

She was the first woman to run for vice-president as a major party nominee. She shared the Democratic ticket with Walter Mondale in 1984.

Where are any photos of geraldine Edwards?

Geraldine Edwards does not release photos of herself to the internet. Although she is not reclusive, the opposite would be true, she prefers to keep her likeness private. On four occasions, pictures of herself were posted to the internet. She discreetly contacted the agents who posted the pictures a ( Full Answer )

Did Geraldine Edwards Robert Palmers partner inherit from his Estate?

Geraldine Edwards specifically requested that she not be included in Robert Palmer's Last Will and Testament. She was a Legal Professional and a Small Business owner and was more than financially self-sufficient. Palmer and Edwards did spend a considerable amount of time together in July of 2003 goi ( Full Answer )

What is the value of a King Edward Penny?

There were eight King Edwards all of whom issued Penny coins with the exception of Edward VIII who was not on the throne long enough (before he abdicated) to have any coins issued with his likeness. There were also a large number of countries within the then British Empire which may have issued a K ( Full Answer )

Did Kate Hudson who played Penny Lane in Almost Famous ever meet Geraldine Edwards who Almost Famous was written about?

Yes, the two did meet in San Diego, California. Edwards had agreed to meet with Hudson at her request. Hudson wanted additional background for her character and also later said in interviews that she was curious about Edwards as well. Hudson later told more than one reporter that Geraldine Edwards w ( Full Answer )

What happened to Geraldine Edwards the rock muse Penny Lane was based on in Almost Famous and Robert Palmer's fiancee?

Geraldine Edwards is now married and has been since 2006. She met her husband in 2004 shortly after her fiancee, Robert Palmer, died. She lives in Los Angeles and is a Legal Administrator. She and her husband, who is a Medical/Legal expert, not a musician, own their own Law Firm together. Edwards is ( Full Answer )

What happened to Sable Starr Lori Maddox and Geraldine Edwards who were well known as the baby groupies in the seventies?

Sable Starr, whose actual name was Sable Shields, was born in 1958. She came from a wealthy family, her father was a very successful attorney and her mother a local Los Angeles socialite. When Sable retired from the groupie scence, she moved to Nevada, where she bought a ranch, believe it or not. Sh ( Full Answer )

Is it true that Geraldine Edwards the rock muse Almost Famous was based on dated Sir Anthony Hopkins?

Geraldine Edwards, who is now in her fifties and happily married, did date a who's who of celebrities, most of them in the music industry. In the eighties, when she was twenty-six years old and Anthony Hopkins was forty-five years old, the two did date. They were both quiet about the relationship at ( Full Answer )

How would I be able to contact Geraldine Angel Edwards the groupie Amost Famous was based on to create a website for her and does she have a facebook or other site I can reach her at?

You are not the first person to ask that question. The bottom line is that Geraldine Angel Edwards is not interested in having a Web site created for her and apparently she never has as people have tried to get her permission to do so before and she has never given it. She has no facebook account ( Full Answer )

Is Geraldine Edwards the rock groupie Almost Famous was based on and the late Robert Palmer's fiancee an attorney?

No, she is not. I am a friend of her oldest nephew, who is forty years old, by the way. Although I will not mention his name, he works as an Associate Attorney at the law firm Geraldine Edwards and her husband, Anthony Flemming-Mueller own and operate. Also not to be critical, but Geraldine Edwards ( Full Answer )

What is the middle name birthday and place of birth of Geraldine Edwards the rock muse Almost Famous was based on?

Geraldine Edwards, the rock muse, was born Geraldine Angel Edwards on June 13, 1957 in Los Angeles County. On a couple of occasions people wrote that she was born in San Diego because she was raised there. She was born in Los Angeles in 1957 and her family moved to San Diego when she was six years o ( Full Answer )

Did geraldine edwards the rock muse robert palmers fiancee and one of the women almost famous was written about join the order of the golden dawn?

No, Geraldine Edwards is not a member of The Order of the Golden Dawn. Geraldine Edwards great grandfather was a member of the Order, and although certain people expressed an interest in meeting Edwards, billing themselves as members of the Order in the 1970's, it was generally understood that the O ( Full Answer )

What are the names of rock muse Geraldine Edwards family?

Geraldine Edwards has been married since February of 2006, and her husband's name is Anthony Flemming-Mueller. Her mother and fathers names are Tamara and Samuel Edwards, both are deceased, her father passing away in 1999 and her mother passing away in 2000. She has four brothers and sisters, Willia ( Full Answer )

Does Geraldine Edwards the rock muse who was engaged to Robert Palmer and one of the inspirations for Almost Famous have a Facebook account that I can write to and what name what it be under?

I am friends with Geraldine Edwards' niece who works for her aunt at her law firm in Los Angeles as an attorney. No, Geraldine Edwards does not have a Facebook account under any of her names, which would be Geraldine Edwards, Geraldine Angel Edwards or Geraldine Flemming-Mueller, if you were looking ( Full Answer )

Is geraldine Edwards the rock muse one of the inspirations for john connollys charlie Parker character as I read?

Geraldine Edwards met the writer John Connolly in the nineties, they shared some of the same friends, including Robert Palmer, among others. John Connolly did base a part of his Private Investigator character, Charlie Parker, on Geraldine Edwards, based in part because she was the County Psychic of ( Full Answer )

What is Don Lane famous for?

Don Lane was famous as a singer and talk show host before his death in 2009. He was famous in Australia his Done Lane Show ran for over 8 years up to 1983.

What is Diana Lane famous for?

Diane Lane is a famous actress most known for her movies The Outsiders and Rumblefish. She also received an Oscar nomination for her work in the movie, Unfaithful.

What is the story behind the Wikipedia editor who was convicted of internet harassment against Geraldine Edwards the inspiration for penny lane in almost famous and Robert palmers fiancee?

It is true that Geraldine Edwards, now Geraldine Flemming-Mueller,she's been married for over eight years now to her husband AnthonyFlemming-Mueller, was attacked via the Internet by a Wikipediaeditor whom I am unable to name due to legal reasons, however hisWikipedia handle begins with B. The backg ( Full Answer )

What has the author Edward Lane written?

Edward Lane has written: 'Mercy triumphant, the kingdom of Christ enlarged beyond the narrow bounds which have been wont to be set unto it'