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Is there a blade 2?

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Yes, it came out in 2002. The third Blade movie Blade: Trinity, came out since then also

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Where is the obsidian blade on ghostscape 2?

where is obsidian blade in ghost scape 2

When was Blade 2 released?

Blade 2 was released on 03/22/2002.

What was the Production Budget for Blade 2?

The Production Budget for Blade 2 was $54,000,000.

How tall is Richard Blade?

Richard Blade is 6' 2 1/2".

Should I just skip infinity blade 1 and just buy infinity blade 2?

Buy infinity blade 2

How many Blade movies are there and what is the order?

There are 3 live action Blade films. Blade 1, Blade 2, Blade 3. They are also in that order chronologically.

Dragonfist 2 battle for the blade cheats?

what is the cheatcodes of dragon fist 2 battle of the blade

How much money did Blade 2 gross worldwide?

Blade 2 grossed $154,338,601 worldwide.

Why Gerber Multi-Plier 600 DET doesn't have a blade?

serrated sheepsfoot blade, drop point bladeANS 2 -The Gerber 600 DET has 2 blades, a serrated knife blade and a short saw blade.

How many blade movies are there?

3:BladeBlade 2Blade trinityAll movies on TopRater:

How much money did Blade 2 gross domestically?

Blade 2 grossed $81,676,888 in the domestic market.

How tall is Raewyn Blade?

Raewyn Blade is 5' 5 1/2".

What is the ISBN of Black Blade?

The ISBN of Black Blade is 0-00-223930-2.

Where can you watch Witch blade season 2 anime online with no downloads?

I am sorry to say that the witch blade show ended cause the witch blade bearer Die and took the blade with her. :(

What is the first song on the Blade 2 soundtrack?

It is the theme from Blade by Danny Saber & Marco Beltrami.

Name The 2 bones that make up the shoulder blade?

The shouler blade is called the scapula

Who is the most prolifent actor of Blade 2?

The most prolific actor of Blade 2 would be Wesley Snipes, the movie's main star who played the ambivalent protagonist Blade. He has been the focus of the entire series.

What is the ISBN of Blade Runner a movie?

The ISBN of Blade Runner - a movie - is 0-912652-46-2.

Will there be a bleach shattered blade 2?

yes there is.

Is Mount and Blade for PlayStation 2?

nope :(

Who is a expert on on Infinity Blade 2?

Your mom does

How do you finish infinity blade 2?


What are the ratings and certificates for Bushido Blade 2 - 1998 VG?

Bushido Blade 2 - 1998 VG is rated/received certificates of: USA:T

When do you get to use the assassin's blade in just cause 2?

It's not possible to obtain assassin's blade in Just Cause 2. You can only use mod, which gives you skin from Assassin's Creed. But it is only skin, without blade.

What are the parts of a pocket knife?

blade,2 sides of a handle, a spine, rivets to hold the blade and handles together.