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No, there is no Anime for Kingdom Hearts.


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There is no "Sora" in Sora no Otoshimono, it means Heaven's Lost Property.

In Japanese. Sora means "Sora". 'Sora' means 'sky.' As in, 'aoi ano sora,' or 'blue sky.'

COULDJA BE MORE SPECIFIC PLZ. there are MILLIONS of white cartoon characters with brown hair. I dunno, so I'm just gonna shoot saomething out: Sora from Kingdom Hearts, maybe?

Sora Inoue has written: 'Inoue Sora DX (Inoue Sora DX) (in Japanese)'

Sora Jung goes by Kim Sora.

Sora is not a nobody.Roxas is Sora's nobody,and Sora is Roxas' other.

Sora Jung's birth name is Kim Sora.

Sora does not have a last name, he is 'just' Sora.

Roxas and Sora were really the same person, and Sora had a much larger role, so Sora was the real protagonist of the game.

Sora. NOTE: Sora defeats Roxas in battle when he is in The World That Never Was.

Its simple NOBODY sora rocks.

Sora means "sky" in Japanese.

Sora has cyber pegusious

Sora is the main character, you play AS Sora. updated in most of them you play as sora but some you have to unlock him like 358/2 days

No sora is roxas, well roxas is half of sora, because roxas is soras nobody.

Sora and Kairi do not kiss. Although Sora does tenderly hug Kairi.

Sora gets married to Matt.

Sora doesnt die in kh2.

Sora isn't in Pokemon, he is in Kingdom Hearts.

Its obvius she love sora

Vian Sora was born in 1976.

Julian of Sora died in 150.

Yosuga no Sora happened in 2008.

There was a Sora in Final Fantasy II but not the same Sora from Kingdom Hearts.

Roxas reawakens Sora by returning to him. Sora regains his memories from Roxas, since they had been in Roxas while Sora had been asleep.

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