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No, there is no Anime for Kingdom Hearts.

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Q: Is there a cartoon about Sora?
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Who is the white cartoon character with the brown hair?

COULDJA BE MORE SPECIFIC PLZ. there are MILLIONS of white cartoon characters with brown hair. I dunno, so I'm just gonna shoot saomething out: Sora from Kingdom Hearts, maybe?

Who is sora in sora no otoshimono?

There is no "Sora" in Sora no Otoshimono, it means Heaven's Lost Property.

Is Sora a nobody?

Sora is not a nobody.Roxas is Sora's nobody,and Sora is Roxas' other.

What does Sora mean in Japanese?

In Japanese. Sora means "Sora". 'Sora' means 'sky.' As in, 'aoi ano sora,' or 'blue sky.'

What nicknames does Sora Jung go by?

Sora Jung goes by Kim Sora.

What has the author Sora Inoue written?

Sora Inoue has written: 'Inoue Sora DX (Inoue Sora DX) (in Japanese)'

If roxas is Sora then why does roxas not exist?

Roxas isn't Sora, he's Sora's Nobody.

Where does roxas goes after Sora's awakening?

He's sora's nobody which means that he is a part of sora.

What is Sora from Kingdom Hearts last name?

Sora does not have a last name, he is 'just' Sora.

What is the birth name of Sora Jung?

Sora Jung's birth name is Kim Sora.

Who is stronger ven or Sora?

its sora

Who is the real protagonist Roxas or Sora?

Roxas and Sora were really the same person, and Sora had a much larger role, so Sora was the real protagonist of the game.

Can you play with Sora in Kingdom Hearts?

Sora is the main character, you play AS Sora. updated in most of them you play as sora but some you have to unlock him like 358/2 days

Does Kairi like Sora or Riku?


Is a sora a consumer?

Yes a sora is a duck.

Is Sora Roxas' Heartless?

No. When Sora was turned into a Heartless, Roxas was created as Sora's Nobody. Roxas is the shell Sora left behind when he was transformed into a Heartless, even though Sora later got his heart back. So Sora is not Roxas's Heartless; Sora, to Roxas, is what's known as an Other. An Other is a Nobody's original self. None of the Organization XIII members have an Other who's still alive; Roxas and Sora are a unique case.

How is Sora reawakened from his year-long sleep?

Roxas reawakens Sora by returning to him. Sora regains his memories from Roxas, since they had been in Roxas while Sora had been asleep.

Kingdom Hearts Is Roxas Actually Sora?

It could be a yes and no answer at the same time because Roxas is Sora's nobody. But I say no because he is known as Roxas not as Sora. If he was the actual Sora, he would be called Sora, and basically have the same friends, life, and past. But, he is Sora's nobody so he is sort of like related to him in a way.

In Kh 1 does Sora and kairi kiss?

Sora and Kairi do not kiss. Although Sora does tenderly hug Kairi.

Are Sora and roxas enemies?

No sora is roxas, well roxas is half of sora, because roxas is soras nobody.

Who kills Sora?

Its simple NOBODY sora rocks.

Did Sora's Heartless look like Sora?

no way

How is Sora and roxes connoted?

Roxas is Sora's nobody

Who won in the fight against Sora and roxas?


What is Sora bey from Beyblade?

Sora has cyber pegusious