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Yes you can get pregnant if the condom splits.

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Yes. Sperm can live 3 to 5 days , so if you were about to ovulate then there is a chance.

Unfortunatly yes. There's a chance you will become pregnant with every contraceptive method. Its possible the condom could split or tear slightly, thus leaking the semen and therefore increasing pregnancy chances :o(

i did not feel the condom split both times it has

the sperm inside the condom cannot impregnate you. However if there is a hole or split in the condom the sperm that escapes can. Although condoms are coated in spermicide it will not kill all of the sperm.

It's actually VERY possible. She isn't having a period and the whole broken condom incident. By the time I answer this, she probably already had the baby. Congratulations.

Hi,Your question is:Ways of getting pregnant with the condom on?You can become pregnant when using a condom if the following should occur:* Condom falls off* Condom rips or tears* Condom has any holes in it.Aaah That Happend To Meh And My Ex-Girl Friend Jenny ,, We Were Happily Bangin When Suddenly She Pulled me Into Her Even More She Started Sayin Hardder Hardder .. I Did ,, The Condom fell off , She Got Pregnant ,, The Condom Was Still In Side Of Her Though ,, She Had A Termination Because We Broke Up Threw All The Arguements About Who's Fault It Was ,, We Got back together ,, The Same Kind Of Thing Hapend But We Were So Drunk We Forgot The Condom ,, Now We Have Split Up And She Had Another Termination ! So Guyz Be careful out there x

it depends if their is a split

She's not pregnant and she hasn't split from her man.

Split condom on a drunken night

No you can't be pregnant since the stage of menstrual cycle that is currently going on your body is follicular stage i think.Follicular stage is the formation of a new ova in the ovaries so it is not yet matured and only matured egg cells can be fertilized.

condoms are quite good they are very reliable but there is always a small chance that they could split but its only like a 1% chance

it is bad for the condom and can make it split easily.

If the man ejaculated even outside of the woman's vagina, if his sperm gets inside her vagina she can get pregnant. For example if you masturbate your partner to get him fully erect for sex and then he puts a condom on for sex, if you then touch your vagina with the same hand and it has pre-ejaculate on it you can get pregnant. This is from small amounts of sperm cells in his pre-ejaculate. Even if he uses a condom and it doesn't split or slip off and he doesn't ejaculate inside you.

It is likely to split so will not serve its intended purpose.

Yes- but there is a chance your child will be posessed, develop a split personality, or exhibit symptoms of psychic trauma later in life.

That's a rather general question, but yes, it is possible that a man would do that if he had some reason for wanting the said girl to have his child. However, the girl will only get pregnant if the semen escapes from the condom, either because it has partly come off, or because it has split. The girl could take the morning after pill if she was worried about becoming pregnant, although this is not recommended as a regular form of contraception - it is for emergencies only! There are two reasons to wear a condom--to prevent pregnancy and to prevent disease. If you're TRYING to get someone pregnant while you've got a rubber on, and you're not creative enough to poke holes in the end of the rubber or to slip it off during insertion into the vagina, you don't need any children.

yes i herd they have ;)No she is not pregnant

beacuse one off them was pregnant.

You get pregnant at the time of conception and it only takes a split second for it to happen.

theres a huge chance there will be cause all the other COD games had split screen

Yes you can split hosta. It is usually done in spring.

No, ovulation stops. Note that you could have fraternal twins if two eggs are released at the same time. (The timing doesn't have to be split second.)

No she isn't. She has just split with her boyfriend David Gandy

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