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Yes, there is a character vs self conflict in "Holes." The main character, Stanley Yelnats, struggles with low self-esteem and feelings of worthlessness as he comes to terms with his family's curse and his own abilities. Throughout the story, Stanley must overcome his self-doubt and find his inner strength to break the curse.

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Q: Is there a character vs self in holes?
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What are literary types of conflict?

Character vs Character Character vs Self Character vs Society Character vs Nature

What are the five types of conflict?

Character vs. Character, Character vs. Self, Character vs. Society, Character vs. Nature, and Character vs. Fate.

What are the five conflict types?

Character vs. Character, Character vs. Self, Character vs. Society, Character vs. Nature, and Character vs. Fate.

Character vs self example?

This is when someone (the character) has a conflict with them self.:-)

What is the conflict in beastly?

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Are 'character vs character' and 'character vs self' examples of internal conflicts?

Yes, 'character vs character' and 'character vs self' are examples of internal conflicts. 'Character vs character' involves a struggle between a character and another character's beliefs or actions, while 'character vs self' involves a struggle within a character's own thoughts, emotions, or decisions.

What are six different types of conflict?

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What is character vs conflict?

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Character vs self is a literary conflict where a character struggles with inner emotions, beliefs, or values that create tension in the story. This conflict typically involves a character confronting their own flaws, fears, or desires, leading to internal growth or change.

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