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Is there a code to chatch all the Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond?


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2009-08-12 02:07:13
2009-08-12 02:07:13

no you cant get cheat for all the pokemon.

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you cant You can but sorry i dont know the code

There is no action replay code of getting all of the Pokemon in Pokemon diamond version. But there is an action replay code of getting all Pokemon in the pokedex.

there isn't a code for all of them but there is a code for each one.

there isn't 1 code for all Pokemon you have to put them in 1 at a time

Its not a code ALL YOU do is get a Pokemon and turn the screen

no there is'NT there is no cheats in Pokemon there is glitchs

there isnt. if there was a code relatead to that it would be all pokemon in pc or all shiny pokemon in pc or something

type on Google "action replay code for all Pokemon lvl 100 in diamond

The only way is if you use Pokemon modifire code for Action Replay.

1ac22331214123c414d5c251c5d52d5e2585769569895c2e3d42000000000000000067123216dc79e5cdcedcdd1c9d9cdaa9a979ae97a3 Enter that, its the real code.

you get dialga and have breed it then it unlocks all shinys

Sadly no, but there is one to get all the Pokemon in your pokedex.

you need to go on Google.com and type in "wild Pokemon modifier" and you put the code in your action replay then you can get every single Pokemon in diamond!

I do not think there is one...if there is you would find it by typing in "all Pokemon diamond action replay codes"

You have to get the AR code for that.I don't remember the code though.

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