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Is there a converter you can use to plug a 220 volt dryer into a 110 volt plug?


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No. It's not even possible.


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You will need a 110 volt to 220 power converter for overseas travel

can you plug a 115 volt into a 110 volt

You can not plug a 110 volt plug into a 220 volt receptacle because the blade configuration will not allow it.

No a 230 volt appliance should not be pluuged into a 110 volt socket (And vice versa) you need to buy a converter that can be plugged into the 110 volt outlet then the appliance can be plugged into the converter.

Yes, you can plug a 120 volt welder into a 110 outlet.

1) Possible... You can buy a converter in any electrical supplies store. Plug in your appliance(s) in this converter then plug the converter into your 220V outlet. 2) Most of the Automatic Voltage Regulator has a 110V outlet. Plug in your appliance in this outlet and plug in the AVR in the 220V outlet. Hope I help you

No, it will not work. You can go to your nearest home depot or other hardware store and you can purchase a converter plug for your lamp. you just plug your lamp in the converter plug and the converter plug will plug in to the wall. when you go to buy this item it will clearly state the country it will work in.

No. They are two different voltage and amperage rated pieces of equipment. Also, a dryer does not use a common (neutral) wire. It uses two separate 110 volt legs, and a ground. The washer uses only one 110 volt leg, a neutral, and a ground.

Yes - a hair-dryer rated at 120 volts will work in a 110 volt outlet.

use a 220 to 110 volt step down transformer

You will have trouble plugging a 110 volt plug into a 220 volt outlet because both have different polarities for the plug and receptacle that make it impossible for that action to happen.

You don`t. You cannot put 220 volts into a 110 volt appliance. Find another plug to run off or get an electrician to change the plug over.

Under normal circumstances, a washer is a 110 volt (120 v) machine, and a dryer is a 220 volt (240 v) machine. The plug bodies as well as the outlets are configured for their specific voltage and amperage draw. Wiring is also installed for the specific amperage draw. Today's answer is NO.

You can't. A 220 volt dryer requires 220 volts in order to operate properly. It will not run on 110 volts.

Yes. 125 volts and 110 volts AC are compatible.

You have to buy a transformer or converter from 220v to 110v.

Yes you can - with a transformer. Maplin Electronics sell a converter that allows you to plug appliances that run on 110V into the normal UK mains. See the related.

Yes, but you need a converter that changes 220 to 110, if you plug it into a 110 plug. Of course, if you plug it into a 220 outlet you don't need a converter, but in either case you will need a plug adapter.

A step down converter will convert the voltage from 220/230 volts to 110 volts. Converters are labeled to display their capabilities, such as "110V to 220V Converter". Read the instruction manual for your Clothes Dryer and sketch the plug. You'll want to know the voltage of the clothes dryer --- it'll likely be 220 V. You need to visit a major appliance dealer and ask to buy a step down converter after discussing the plug type and voltage found in the owner's manual.

The 110 appliance will run faster than normal and burn out.

115 Volt and a 110 Volt can be treated as the same thing. The electrical voltage supplied from your electric company is not exact and can be 120 Volt + or - 10%.

Because a toaster does not pull near the current that a cloths dryer does.

No, the applied 110 volt is too high for a 3 volt appliance. The appliance would burn out right away.

Yes, the range is 110 volts to 120 volts.

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